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Rum ClubSeptember Rum of the Month: Neptune Rum

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Posted on the 05 September 22

This month, our Rum of the Month is Neptune Rum Barbados Gold.

This award-winning rum originates from a historic distillery nestled on the Southern Slopes of Barbados and gives Revolución de Cuba guests a pure taste of the Caribbean; sunshine in a glass, of course.

Explore this tropical rum below…

The History

The country of Barbados is renowned for its culture, flavours and atmosphere. Barbados rum is renowned for being incredibly smooth and fine whilst being equally delicious.


Barbados has been producing rum for love 400 years and it now has such a distinctive flavour identity that it is currently campaigning for its own GI. With an average tropical climate of 27 degrees centigrade all year round, it provides the perfect climate for a tropical ageing process.   


Neptune rum is aged and distilled at the Foursquare distillery and is located on the Southern slopes in the St. Patrick area of Barbados (Want to know more about the historic distillery that dates back to the 1650’s? Click here). It has been doing so for over four generations and the sugarcane and molasses are mainly grown on the Caribbean island itself. All of these make up the key ingredients in this spirit.


Neptune Rum Barbados Gold is made with a combination of 8-year, 5-year and 3-year-old rums. Each of these rums has been blended together and is produced from both pot and column stills, and then aged in Bourbon Oak barrels. Once this process is complete, it is then blended and chill-filtered. The final step is to bottle the rum in the UK, which is what adds to its smooth character and taste.  




Neptune Rum and Being Ocean Guardians

This spirit takes its name from Neptune, who if you know your Roman history, is the Roman God of the Ocean. Traditionally when sailors would cross the equator they would pour a dash of rum into the ocean with the hope that this would appease Neptune and he would then grant them safe passage across the seas.


The rum has a strong affinity to the ocean, and for this reason, is committed to raising awareness of the natural beauty of our oceans whilst funding environmental action projects around the world.  This is split into three parts:


Raising Awareness

Neptune Rum wants to preserve the natural beauty of  the waters and celebrate the adventure and joy they bring us. Neptune Rum is committed to raising awareness and keeping ocean protection at the forefront of people’s hearts and minds. 


Funding Generation

The sales from every bottom of Neptune Rum generate vital funds for projects that prevent, clean up and restore the earth’s oceans. 


Supporting Charities

Neptune also partner with action groups, charities, conservationists and ecologists to help them realise and achieve their goals. Currently, they are working with Our Only World to install free water taps on the UK beaches, the Seabin project and Surfers Against Sewage.


 Discover more about Neptune Rum; Ocean Guardians by clicking here. 



Neptune Rum is a Revolución de Cuba favourite, so allow us to introduce you to our three limited-edition cocktails available in bar throughout September:



Gold Mojito

Our take on a traditional mojito. This refreshing cocktail is served over cubed ice with mint sprigs. Neptune Barbados Gold rum, lime juice, soda, mint, lime, sugar and Angostura bitters. A real smooth taste of the tropics.



Pina Libre

You’ve tried the Pina Colada, now try the Pina Libre. A delicate mix of Neptune Barbados Gold rum, pineapple juice, lime juice and pineapple syrup and Coca-Cola. Rain or shine, we know you’re going to love this one.



Blue Barbados

Enjoy a taste of the Caribbean sea with this exotic and tropical cocktail. We’ve combined Neptune Barbados Gold rum, coconut cream, passionfruit purée, pineapple juice, lime juice and blue curacao.



Ready to try Neptune Rum at Revolución de Cuba?

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