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Cocktails, Rum ClubIntroducing BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced

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Posted on the 07 March 23

Hot off the press…

Hot off the press, we have EXCLUSIVE access to the BRAND NEW BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced before it hits the rest of the UK bars next month. That means you can only enjoy this delicious new spirit in our bars for the next 4 weeks! If you enjoy the tropical flavours of the Caribbean with a subtle sweetness and a velvety mouthfeel, this one is for you.



What to expect?

Here to shake up the world of rum, the new BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced is a glorious blend of smooth, aged rums with notes of caramelised pineapple, lightly toasted coconut, warm spices, and the unique sweetness of the coconut blossom. It’s a feast for the palate that is set to bring the sunshine to any occasion!


The History of BACARDÍ

Originally known for its iconic white rum (you know the one!), BACARDÍ has 160 years of rum-making heritage and is the world’s most awarded spirit, with more than 1,000 awards for quality, taste, and innovation. That said, it’s really no wonder that their BRAND NEW Caribbean Spiced is so expertly made. If you are interested in finding out more visit https://www.bacardi.com/uk/en/our-rums/caribbean-spiced/ . Now back to making your mouth water!


Points of difference

You may be wondering what’s so special about this new delicious liquid so here goes…

Firstly, BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced blends not one but two aged rum bases: a ‘heavy’ aged rum which provides the bold flavour, subtle smokey notes and molasses, and a light aged rum which brings a drier and fresher quality to the product.

Impressive right?


We don’t want to sound too cheesy but the true magic of this product comes from the coconut sugar blossom, which surprisingly is widely unused in rum-making! It’s a part of the coconut palm that normally gets discarded, but Bacardi’s rum Maestros have dried the flowers and used them to flavour and add a natural sweetness to the liquid, resulting in delicate and fresh notes of coconut coming through. On top of that, the coconut palm has a strong significance to the Bacardi family (did you know that the illustration of the ‘El Coco’ palm tree features on every single of bottle of Bacardi around the world?) and it’s known as the ‘tree of life’ for the Caribbean culture.



Let’s get a bit more technical…

There’s a unique production process used to create BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced. Unlike other expressions, after being blended, rested and filtered to remove any microparticles, the process is then repeated including a further rest and a second polishing filter for clarity and colour before it is ready for final bottling. Talk about being thorough! 


Picture this…

One sip and you’ll be transported to a Caribbean beach on a summer’s day, surrounded by palm trees, toes in the warm sea… ahh! Whether it’s elevating your usual rum and cola, adding a fruity twist to a classic Daiquiri or shaking up a Caribbean Colada – this liquid is the next best thing to booking an exotic holiday! And for purists, BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced works wonderfully neat too!


Time to Try

Now you know a little more about the NEW BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced, isn’t it time you tried one? Just in case you missed it, it’s exclusively available in our bars from Tuesday 7th March, and we’ve created some exceptionally delicious cocktails with it that we know you’re going to LOVE.

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