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Rum ClubOctober Rum of the Month: Kraken Rum

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Posted on the 30 September 22

Our FINAL Rum of the Month for 2022 is Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

If you’re reading this, it’s time to escape as Revolución de Cuba guests are invited to step into the darkness.

Explore this mysterious rum below…

The History

The Kraken Rum is imported rum from the Caribbean and blended with secret spices. Named for the sea beast of myth, The Kraken Rum is bold, rich, black and smooth.


It is said, that a ship carrying one of the largest quantities of black-spiced rum ever never reached its destination. Stories were plentiful, and while an attack by the Kraken was suspected, no stories were ever confirmed.


Barrels carrying this black-spiced rum drifted into the sea and the rum was renamed after the Kraken as a tribute to its unchallengeable power. If you’re feeling brave and ready to tackle the mythical sea beast, explore our limited-edition cocktails.



Introducing our three cocktails…


Pumpkin Spiced Espresso Martini

One for the Pumpkin Spiced lovers. This autumnal inspired cocktail includes Kraken spiced rum, Espresso, Rum Chata liqueur and Sugar cane. It really is Pumpkin spice and all things nice! Oh and it’s available during Happy Hour.



Kraken Spiced Rum – Perfect Serve

Named after the mythical creature itself, our perfect serve may be simple but beastly in flavour. Made up of Kraken spiced rum, Red Bull, Zero sugar and lime.




Imported from the Caribbean, we’ve created an exotic profile flavour by combining Kraken Spiced Rum, Strawberry, Pineapple juice, Grenadine and Lime juice. We know you’re going to love this one!



Ready to try Kraken Rum at Revolución de Cuba?

Click here to find your favourite Revolución de Cuba and explore our Rum of The Month cocktail specials.

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