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Cocktails, Rum Club, TravelCelebrate World Cocktail Day with our Jamaican Specials

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Posted on the 13 May 24

This World Cocktail Day, we are celebrating our latest El Explorador cocktail specials menu with Wray & Nephew and Appleton Estate rums, hailing from the proud and bountiful nation of Jamaica.


Discover more on the island’s most renowned distilleries and explore our latest cocktail specials below.

What and when is World Cocktail Day?

All over the world on 13th May, cocktail enthusiasts will be raising a glass to World Cocktail Day. The annual celebration recognises and honours delicious cocktail creations from all over the world as well as their origins, history, and how we came to know and love them.


Anyone who knows Revolución de Cuba knows that we relish the opportunity to bring our guests the vivid and rich flavours of the Caribbean and beyond. Whether it’s the dishes on our menu or the ingredients in our cocktails, we bring the finest quality products from the world’s most beautiful hotspots to deliver a taste of paradise with every bite and sip.


Want to see more of our World Cocktail Day celebrations? Head to our socials @revdecuba.

Cocktail Specials: The Wonders of Jamaica

Nothing symbolises our passion for travel more than our El Explorador cocktail specials menus. As our very own ‘travel magazine’, we bring you a selection of cocktails inspired by the flavours of a new destination with every issue.


So, where’s our latest stop? For the third edition of El Explorador, we’ve taken a trip to the land of tropical sunshine, vibrant music, people and culture, and world-famous rum. We are bringing you the wonders of Jamaica; expertly crafted cocktails created with two of the finest quality rums to come from the small but mighty Caribbean Island.

Appleton Estate

Jamaica’s incredibly fertile terrain lends itself to the intense flavour of its rum as it’s the perfect environment to grow sugarcane, the key ingredient in rum making. Spanning 11,000 acres in the Nassau terroir, Appleton Estate have been growing and harvesting their own sugarcane for over 400 years and producing their own rum since 1749.


The lab at the Appleton Estate Distillery was modernised in the 1980s thanks to trailblazer Joy Spence, the world’s first Female Master Blender. Combining her knowledge or chemistry and love for Appleton rum, she was instrumental in creating the iconic rum produced from the Distillery today. Learn more about their rum production here.


Experience Appleton Estate on our latest specials menu:

Café Kolada

Cafe Kolada


Your iced coffee order, island style.


Appleton Estate Signature rum, Koko Kanu rum, Kahlúa, sugar, oat milk, coconut, coffee.

Montego Bay Spritz*

Montego Bay


Appleton Estate Signature rum, passionfruit, peach, sugar, mint, Bottega prosecco, soda.

Santa Cruz Fizz*

Santa Cruz


Appleton Estate Signature rum, raspberry, lime, hibiscus, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer.

Wray & Nephew

Charles James Wray began producing rum in 1825 eventually bringing in his nephew to take over the company in 1860 and coining the name to this now world-famous white rum. These family values strengthened when the two featured distilleries joined forces to become one in 1916. It is this rich history that means whenever you order Appleton Estate or Wray & Nephew, you know you are drinking quality.


Remaining bold and authentic – the black, green, and gold heritage has remained undiluted. All profits made from every bottle sold around the world is returned to the Jamaican business unit, as the famous rums are still made exclusively on the island.


Experience Wray & Nephew on our latest cocktail specials menu:

Kingston Fizz*

Kingston Fizz


Appleton Estate 8 Year Reserve rum, Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, passionfruit, almond, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer.


*all available on Premium Brunch throughout May.

All That Jazz

All That Jazz


Perfect for sharing with an amigo or two.

Ting Wray

Ting Wray


Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, Ting.


Appleton Estate Signature rum, Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, pineapple, passionfruit, guava, lime, sugar.


Our cocktail specials are available to try in bar until 1st July. All cocktails and the Ting Wray are available on Happy Hour. Book your table now.

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