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How can I book with you? 

You can enquire about booking with us at one of our bars by email, by phone, or through our website, the Revolution App or any of our social channels.

Your enquiry becomes a confirmed booking when your payment card details have been accepted and/or you have paid the deposit that the booking may require.

Do you take a deposit when I book?

If you book any of the following:

  • Table for Restaurant
  • Table for Drinks
  • Bottomless Brunch
  • Premium Booth

we ask for either a 20% deposit or your card details at the time of enquiry to secure your booking.

If you book any of the following:

  • Masterclass
  • Christmas party event
  • Corporate event
  • A large part of over 13 guests or more (excluding bottomless brunch)

we ask for a 20% deposit to be paid within 48 hours following your enquiry to confirm your booking.

If you fail to pay your deposit within 48 hours then your Provisional Booking will be cancelled and removed from our booking system.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your booking at any time within the Cancellation Window via our Booking Management Platform or by
contacting the bar directly . The Cancellation Window Deadline differs by booking type as listed below:

  • Table for Restaurant – up to 24 hours prior to Event
  • Table for Drinks – up to 24 hours prior to Event
  • Bottomless Brunch – up to 36 hours prior to Event
  • Premium Booth – up to 36 hours prior to Event
  • Masterclass, Christmas, Corporate and bookings of over 13 guests* (*excludes Bottomless Brunch) – 21
    days prior to Event

Any change to a Booking is subject to availability and we will only agree to any change to a Booking if we can accommodate it. If you wish to change a Booking, please notify us as soon as possible. If we cannot accommodate your requested change, depending on how close it is to the date of the event, you may be able to reschedule it. If you cancel a Booking prior to the Cancellation Window Deadline, then either a) the Deposit is forfeit and the contract is terminated with immediate effect; or b) if you reschedule to a later date, but within three months of the original Booking date, the Deposit can be held against that rescheduled Booking. This rescheduling can only occur once.

How do I amend or cancel my booking? 

You can amend or cancel your booking at any time via our online booking platform: https://book.revoluciondecuba.com/login

What is a pre-order and when do you need this confirmed by?

A pre-order is where we ask you and your guests to confirm your selection of food, drink or services from our packages in advance of your Event. This may be required as much as 14 days or as little as 24 hours ahead of your booked event. It is important that you check your booking details for this information. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder!

You can do this online via our Booking Management Platform  or by speaking to the bar hosting your Event.

Can I add or change what I have ordered? 

You can add or amend any part of your booking at any time via our online booking platform

If your booking is after the Cancellation Window has expired e.g. less than 36 hours before a Brunch booking, please directly contact the bar hosting the Event and they will do their best to accommodate your requests but this cannot be guaranteed.

How long do I have my table for?

Your table or reserved area will be allocated for a maximum of 1hr and 45mins unless stated otherwise in your Booking Confirmation Email. If you wish to extend your booking for a longer period, please contact your hosting bar directly.

We will hold your table or reserved area for 15 minutes after your booking arrival time, at which point we reserve the right to clear the table or reserved area for other guests and you will forfeit your table or reserved area. If you are running late, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you do not show for your booking, you will forfeit your deposit, or your card will be charged £10 per guest.

How long will it take a booking refund to show? 

We can only process refunds using the original method of payment. If you paid by card online, then refunds take 3-5 working days to process.

What is your dress code? 

Dress codes vary from bar to bar; please check our website for more details prior to your arrival.

What happens if we experience another pandemic such as COVID19? 

This is covered in Section 12 of our Terms & Conditions under “Events Beyond Our Reasonable Control” – this can be found here