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Cuban Cocktail Masterclass

The Mojito, The Daiquiri and The Cuba Libre all originated in Cuba, alongside some serious rums. This humble island has been doing it right for years, and now? We want to share its cocktail making secrets with you. Simply pick a cocktail masterclass option to become a master of rum. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. And you’ll live the life of a true Cuban Cantinero – including getting to know all that wonderful rum.

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Classic Masterclass

A cocktail masterclass in all the classics complete with Cuban-inspired bar snacks, the perfect cocktail accompaniment. Make the best cocktails Havana has to offer!

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Masterclass & Mostrador

Accompany the cocktail making with bar snacks and a huge Mostrador buffet to soak up the rum. Includes beef chilli or Caribbean curry, sides like Zesty Rice and Patatas Bravas, and plenty more tapas!

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Masterclass & tapas

Feed your tropical soul with some cocktail making, Cuban-inspired bar snacks and our deliciously authentic tapas dishes. The perfect combination for groups that want to keep the fiesta vibes flowing.

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Masterclass & 2 course meal

Take your cocktail making class to the next level with our Latin-inspired menu. Cocktails and Cuban bar snacks, followed by a deliciously indulgent 2-course meal. Then what? More partying, of course...

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Masterclass Terms and Conditions: In order to book a Masterclass, there is a minimum number of people required per booking.
This number differs per bar, so please check when making your booking.

Save 25%**

Mid week offer

Our Cantineros turn up the heat and teach their skills, seven days a week, so if you’re on a bit of a budget why not book a midweek or afternoon masterclass? We have various offers available, so you can still take part even when you’re watching the pennies. **Not available in December