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Cocktail Masterclass

Want to raise your cocktail game to a higher level? Try one of our cocktail-making masterclasses and become a true maestro!

Learn the tricks of the trade as you shake, muddle & stir your way in a 90-minute session including a welcome cocktail, party games and challenges along the way. A fun afternoon with your amigos guaranteed.

Speak to our team today to book your cocktail masterclass.

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Cuba is home to some of history’s most iconic cocktails crafted by the island’s world-renowned Cantineros, for years they kept their secrets closely guarded, passed down from generation to generation… until now.

If you’re after a fun afternoon with your amigos or looking to organise a unique corporate event for your team, there’s a package for you.


Classic Masterclass

A cocktail masterclass in all the classics, complete with nachos, games, and plenty of fun! Make the best cocktails Havana has to offer!

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Accompany the cocktail making with bar snacks and a huge Latin-American buffet to soak up the rum. Includes ginger beer chicken, vegetable enchilada, sides like zesty rice and chimichurri corn, and plenty more tapas!

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Masterclass & tapas

Feed your tropical soul with some cocktail making, Cuban-inspired bar snacks and our deliciously authentic tapas dishes. The perfect combination for groups that want to keep the fiesta vibes flowing.

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Take your cocktail making class to the next level and choose either two or three courses from our delicious Latin-inspired set menu.

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Perfect for smaller groups, looking to enjoy a more relaxed, informative experience. The masterclass will be delivered to you directly at your table. You can enjoy 60 minutes of cocktail fun with a delicious Latin-inspired main course or sharing board from our cantina menu!

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Masterclass Terms and Conditions: In order to book a Masterclass, there is a minimum number of people required per booking.
This number differs per bar, so please check when making your booking.