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TravelCheck out these amazing Airbnb apartments in Cuba

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Posted on the 31 August 17

It seems as if EVERYONE is going to Cuba right now.

And why not? Can you really blame them? The beaches are perfect. The architecture is striking, historical and pastel-coloured. And the culture? Guaranteed to leave you wanting more… and that’s just the start.

Take it from us, if you’re planning a holiday to this beautiful country, there’s only one kind of place to stay – and it’s not a chain-hotel all-inclusive beach resort.

Instead, immerse yourself in the local flavours of Cuba with one of these dreamy Airbnbs. From budget to luxury, prepare to feel right at home by booking an amazing rental on this infatuating Caribbean isle.

La Rose de Ortega

At just £48 a night, this boutique B&B NEEDS to be top of any traveller’s Cuban wishlist.

Though you can’t rent out the entire place to yourself, each of the rooms are chock-full of Cuban charm, quirky furniture, and offers breathtaking views of the hillside.

There’s even a spa on site, so after a long day trawling through the back streets of Havana, how does a massage sound?

If your answer was anywhere between pretty good and AMAZING, book this place right here.

Stylish Spanish Mansion

‘Affordable charm’ and ‘stylish Spanish mansion’ probably don’t make it into the same sentence very often… Until you see this place that is.

Just a stone’s throw away from one of the most popular destinations in all of Havana – the boardwalk at El Malecon – this home away from home is a small slice of decadence. Featuring ornate chandeliers, marble tabletops, and gilt armchairs, this swanky pad is pretty damn opulent – even Tony Montana would feel at home! 

And seeing as this mansion rents by the room, you can book right here for just £71 a night. 

Beachfront La Pesquera

Beachfront La Pesquera is exactly as it sounds: a beautiful living space right next to sandy coconut-strewn beaches, complete with a stunning view of the coastline.

Perfect for escaping the city life, get ready to swing in a hammock, listen to the sounds of the ocean, and feel that delicious sea breeze sweep over your face. 

This small and secluded sea-view location is not just moderately priced, but also a total tropical paradise for two. Piña Colada anyone?

Book it here.

Malecon 360°

You tend to only associate panoramic views with the top of a ferris wheel – which just makes the famous Malecon 360° even more impressive.

This third-floor apartment has spectacular views from each and every window. From some of the oldest parts of Havana to a picture-perfect coastline, this accommodation gives an unspoiled view of the entire city. And the pièce de résistance? The uninterrupted vista looking out to sea from the wide open top-floor terrace.

If you’re going to have a night in watching the sun go down in Cuba, do it here.

Colonial House

If you’ve got money to burn and want to feel a bit pampered on your trip, you can’t get much better than this charming colonial-style townhouse that sits in the middle of Havana’s business district.

With a plush interior for relaxing and a posh concierge to greet you at the door, this spot is ideal for accessing all sorts of restaurants, theatres, and nightclubs. After a couple of hours here, you’ll forget you ever needed Wi-Fi.

And did we mention there’s a full bar inside? Get yourself a round right here.

Relax Frente Al Mar

Sure, you’ll probably need to sell all your worldly possessions or bring along seventeen friends to split the eye-watering £400-a-night costs, but this stunning tropical villa is SO. DAMN. WORTH IT.

Not only is it a perfectly tranquil retreat from noisy downtown Havana, but this villa comes with its own pool, bar, jacuzzi, lush secret garden AND you can step right into the ocean with its direct access to a secluded private beach.

So if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life? Dip a toe right here.


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