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FiestaWe’re Ready for Carnival Season…Are You?

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Posted on the 17 July 23

This month marks the beginning of the Carnival in Santiago de Cuba, the island’s biggest and most traditional party. Dating all the way back to the 17th century, it’s been the at the centre of the city’s social calendar for hundreds of years, and for good reason!  


Read on to learn about the festivities that will be kicking off in Cuba this month and how you can join in on the celebrations at a Revolución de Cuba near you, including late-night fiestas every weekend and our Cuban Mode pop up in Birmingham. 


What is the Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba?  

The Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba takes place in Cuba’s second largest city and is the one of the country’s biggest cultural events, attracting thousands of locals and people from all over the world to take to the streets and let loose through dance and music.  


The carnival is said to have evolved from 17th century festivals called Mamarrachos which were held to celebrate the end of harvest season and the pre-Lenten season. A lot of elements of these festivals in the 1800s have transformed over time (there’s a lot less food throwing now) but one that very much remains today is a love of music.  


Taking place from 17th to 27th July, a typical Carnaval will include colourful parades with embellished floats and costumes as well as congas, music, dancing and of course plenty to drink!  


Carnival float in Santiago de Cuba


While you may not be able to experience the carnival in Santiago de Cuba this year, we are of course joining the party across our bars. Find out how you can carnival Cuban-style below.  



Late-night Fiestas 

Every Friday and Saturdays, we will be throwing our very own fiestas at your local Revolución de Cuba. Complete with Latin music from our exceptional live bands, samba and salsa dancers and a delicious range of cocktails and food, you’ll feel smack-bang in the middle of a Cuban fiesta! 



Eager to unleash your fiesta fever on the dance floor? Find out more and book now.  














Cuban Mode: Push to Party Birmingham  

As if the parties weren’t hot enough in our bars, we’re taking to the streets this month to turn the familiar into an all-out fiesta with the help of our amigos at Havana Club. On Saturday 22nd July, we’ll be activating Cuban Mode in Birmingham’s Bullring with a simple request: Push to Party! 


Ready to get Hot Like Havana? Keep a close eye on our socials this weekend to see Birmingham transformed and tag us on socials if you’re there!  

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