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FiestaA Guide to Salsa Social

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Posted on the 30 November 23

Salsa at Revolución de Cuba

As we covered in our “Salsa Social with El Banderra blog”, which is well worth a read by the way and you can do so by clicking here, Salsa dancing is an intrinsic part of Cuban culture.


It’s lively, sociable and of course all about community  – all of which are a huge part of what makes the Latin-American country so loved.


This January and beyond, we’re putting our Salsa classes in the spotlight and telling you why you taking up Salsa should be your main new years resolution.



Why you should learn Salsa

Who doesn’t love a new skill?


It’s a fun and playful way to exercise without the pressure of getting ready for the gym. Give one of our classes a go and we guarantee you’ll have a good time, and feel better for it too.


It’s sociable and you can do it with your friends, as much as your partner and even your family.


Our Salsa Social events are a great way to meet up with your favourite people AND meet new people too.


Especially, when the nights are cold and dark – having something as playful as Salsa is a definite way to perk up your evenings.



How to Salsa

Our expert instructors will guide you through all of the steps during your Salsa class. That said, we understand it can be a little scary when you first try something new so we’ve compiled a list of the Salsa basics ahead of time.

Salsa 101

  • Unlike other dance routines, salsa has three steps for every four beats of the music; one beat is skipped.


  • There are a few different names for this slip beat but usually it’s known as a tag, a tap, a kick or a flick.


  • All of the steps you do make can be made side to side or forward to backwards or sometimes in a circle. These steps are often quite small and the faster the music, the smaller the step… BUT don’t worry our instructors will start slow until you get the hang of it.


  • Remember to keep your torso and posture strong – Salsa is all about the hip movements.


As Salsa is usually performed in pairs, facing one another men and women tend to have slightly different steps. Our advice is to go with the flow and see what feels more natural to you.



Ready to learn Salsa?

Our most popular cities for Salsa are Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Belfast. Not near one of those? That’s okay – you can check out your local bar by clicking here and finding their next event.


Plus, when you do join us for Salsa class you can enjoy a delicious serving of El Bandarra.


We’ve collaborated with this Barcelona based brand to bring you a natural and refreshing vermouth for all our Salsa events. You can read more about this exceptional collaboration by clicking here.


We can’t wait to Salsa with you soon!


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