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FiestaSalsa Social with El Bandarra

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Posted on the 20 September 23

Dancing is an integral part of Cuban culture.

Whether you’re an expert in Rumba and Mambo or just dipping your toes into the world of Danzón, Revolución de Cuba is the place to experience a slice of that with our Salsa Social.


This Autumn, we’re launching our Salsa Social nights – a lively gathering of all abilities to embrace the rhythmic movement of the icon Latin-American dance.


But why Salsa you ask? Well, let’s start at the beginning…

Salsa Dancing

Traditional Salsa

The traditional Salsa dancing that you’re most likely to be familiar with, dates back to the 1920s… in Cuba, of course. 


In short, it’s a dance style that focuses on circular motions with an Afro-Cuban flavour. It quickly became popular across Puerto Rico and America, especially in New York during the 1960s.


The rich musical environment of Cuba allowed this Latin-American dance to thrive into the modern Salsa we know and love today.


When we refer to Salsa, we’re talking fluid and passionate gestures that, when combined with upbeat instrumental music, creates an intense performance; dancers can opt for a specific choreography or follow the music for a more freestyle movement.

Salsa Dancers


The Basics

If you’ve seen other people Salsa dance, you might have noticed it focuses around four beats and three steps. If not, don’t worry – our expert Salsa instructors will guide you through every movement. More on that below!


Most dances involve the dancers holding their upper body mostly still and allowing the motion to happen in their hips. Think Shakira, hips-don’t-lie. 


It’s a fun and playful dance that is typically performed with a partner – so grab your favourite person and get ready to dance.

Salsa Dancers


Dancing and Drinking; Bringing People Together

As we mentioned, it’s a huge part of the Cuban culture and anything that brings people together is right up our street. 


This is why we’ve collaborated with El Bandarra, a natural and refreshing aperitive from Barcelona.


We love them because they’ve created a drink inspired by Spanish bars with hand-painted tapas menus on the windows and sharing amongst friends… and that’s something we can absolutely get behind.


If you want to know more about this delicious Vermouth, click here.

Salsa Social

If you’re ready to experience Salsa the Revolución de Cuba way, then head to your local bar page by clicking here and check out our events.


Each of our bars will be hosting their own weekly Salsa Social event. The event starts with lessons for everyone – from beginner to expert, and goes late into the night with talented DJs.


The best bit?


At every event you can enjoy El Bandarra on the rocks for just £3.50 or for a longer drink to sip, we have El Bandarra & Fevertree Light Tonic for £5.


There’s never been a better time to try something new.  Go on – we guarantee you’ll have an amazing time and be back for more… because our Salsa Social is your new favourite way to experience Cuba.

Salsa Dance


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