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Christmas5 must-have Christmas toys from your childhood

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Posted on the 07 October 17

Ah, the good ol’ days.

A time where it was totally acceptable to watch all three Home Alone movies in a single sitting. When you thought you were super cool listening to music on your brand new ‘walkman’ CD player. And when delicious Dunkaroo biscuits and Fla-Vor-Ices actually existed – RIP.

Well, we’re throwing it back to this glorious time by revealing the ultimate childhood toys that absolutely everyone had on their Christmas list.

NO, you’re crying.

1. Bop it

Pull it, twist it… Bop it!

Forget the Rubik’s cube or Buckaroo, when it comes to a seriously addictive, completely frustrating game you just couldn’t put down, there’s really only one winner.

In fact, Bop It was so good even your parents got involved with this one and tried (and failed) to beat your high score. And when Bop It Extreme came out with extra commands?

Well, we all lost our tiny minds.

2. Tamagotchi

Everybody remembers their first beloved pet, right?

From the intense couple of minutes ‘til that pixelated egg hatched, to the constant battle between overfeeding and underfeeding, to giving it to your mum to babysit while you were in school, the Tamagotchi was the ultimate life experience.

And not only did they give us our first real sense of caring for something, it also taught us an important lesson about responsibility and loss… Because inevitably you’d forget to feet it for half a day and those sad little cross eyes would appear. RIP.

3. Sky Dancers

Looking back now, you’re amazed that your parents let you have one to be honest.

Completely uncontrollable, a total health hazard, and exceptionally easy to get stuck in the ceiling light forcing you to wait for something really tall to get it out for you… It’s safe to say a Sky Dancer was a bit of a hit and miss gift.

But after seeing that 90s advert where the kids shout ‘THEY REALLY FLY’, how could you not get one?

4. Game Boy Color

Before the likes of Candy Crush or Temple Run, the Game Boy was already the original handheld obsession for 80s kids… But then the Game Boy Color came out, and left us all completely shook.

That beautiful boxy design. The satisfying buttons. And now playing games in colour?

For a perfect day, just give us a Game Boy Color, Pokémon Red, and 10 hours’ free time.

5. Super Soaker

It didn’t matter that it was the coldest winter since records began. It didn’t matter that you could only use it at least 100 feet from the house. And it definitely didn’t matter that all of your friends had slightly better models.

What wasn’t fun about soaking people? And those three days when it was actually sunny?

Best. Days. Ever.


Take us back! PLEASE.

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