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ChristmasDiscover the origins of Las Parrandas de Remedios

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Posted on the 03 August 23

This Christmas we’re celebrating like never before, with the spirit of Las Parrandas de Remedios. It’s Cuba’s ultimate festive fiesta… but what does that actually mean?


Discover the history of the famous event below. As well as how we’re bringing the party right from Latin-America to your nearest Revolución de Cuba this Christmas season. Not sure where that is?  Click here to find out now.



The Origin of Las Parrandas de Remedios

The Christmas festival Las Parrandas de Remedios originated in the small historic town of Remedios, Cuba. Every year, it takes place between the 16th and the 26th December. Don’t worry though, we’re partying from 8th November right up until New Year’s Eve!



The festival began in the 18th century when Father Francisco Vigil de Quiñones, who just so happened to be the priest of the Grand Cathedral of Remedios, was disappointed with the turnout  for midnight mass.


He gathered all the children from the village and provided them with jars, pans and wooden spoons – the louder the utensil, the better. He implored the children to run around the streets making as much noise as possible. His goal was to encourage the adults to attend the midnight masses the week before Christmas.



Over the years, the tradition has grown and developed into the massive street party it has become today.


Now, in the days before Christmas, Cuba erupts into an eclectic celebration of lights, lively gatherings and carnival inspired performances… Imagine conga groups, rumba dancing, decadent and colourful floats, bright lights and of course, one of the most explosive and creative fireworks displays.


Bringing Las Parranadas to Revolución de Cuba this Christmas

From visually stunning Christmas decorations and lights, to entertainment every night of the week – we’re bringing Latin-America to you.


As well as tropically-inspired dining options like 2&3 course meals, sharing Mostradors and seasonal specials – we’re also providing drinks and party packages late into the night.



Get in touch with us today or click here to discover how we can help you celebrate your Christmas the Las Parrandas de Remedios way.

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