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Christmas, FiestaA feast for the eyes…

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Posted on the 29 November 22

What makes the festive period so memorable? For us, it’s ALL about the amazing food we indulge in before, during and after the big day. And no, we aren’t talking about the brussell sprouts.


Here at Revolución de Cuba we have a range of dining options. The obvious choice being tapas but it doesn’t have to stop there.


We’ve got a whole host of tasty option for you to experience this Christmas starting with…



1.) Tapas Feasting


Christmas without a feast is like British summer without rain… Practically unheard of, right? In Cuba, it’s no different with the heart of our feast being Paella.


With king prawns, chicken & smoky chorizo, topped with pico de gallo, it’s bursting with colour and flavour. If your mouth wasn’t watering before, it certainly will be now!


👉 Tapas menu



2.) Festive Food Specials


We’ve taken some of our most LOVED Cuban classics and sprinkled some festive magic on them.


Like our Christmas Cubano, served with Cajun turkey breast & cranberry chilli jam. Or if you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to add some spice to your festive celebrations, you might want to sink your teeth into our Mince Pie Empanada filled with spiced rum – it’s delicious! 




3.) 2 & 3 Course Dining


We know what you’re thinking… with food that looks that good, why would you want just 2 courses? If you’re thinking of dining with us this Christmas, here’s a snapshot of our take on the traditional Christmas Dinner.


It’s not turkey with all the trimmings, but much better than that! And we can promise you one thing… They’ll be no Brussel Sprout insight 👀



👉 2&3 Course Dining menu




So now we’ve got your taste buds tingling with a snapshot of our incredible Latin-America inspired food, it’s time to satisfy those cravings and book with us today! 

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