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Fiesta5 Steps to Planning The Perfect Hen Party

Reading Time: 3 mins

Posted on the 03 February 23

You’ve both spoken about it for years and the moment to FINALLY start planning the Hen Party has arrived! 


It’s a pretty BIG deal and trying to please everyone can be stressful but keeping the bride happy is your number one focus and we’re here to help 


It’s time to think logically so grab a pen & paper (yep, we’re old school) and listen up to our FIVE top tips that will make the planning that bit easier. 


Our Five Top Tips:


1. The Guest List


You know what they say, ‘More the merrier’ which is something we embrace here in Cuba! 


We see everyone as part of la familia and a Hen Party is the perfect excuse to bring everyone together in one room, whether that’s with old school friends, work colleagues or their dog walker. It may not be time for playing ‘never have I ever’ but like everything in life, it’s the company your with that matters most. 


Okay so once you’ve figured out step 1, it’s time to start with the real fun!  


2. The Planning


We’ll break this one down but essentially you need to work out 

  • Budget  
  • Location 
  • Activates


This is where Google or Tiktok, will become your best friend! We’ll warn you now, it can be overwhelming but we’ll start you off with real crowd-pleaser idea. Nope, not Ibiza but… 


A Rum Cocktail Masterclass at Revolucion de Cuba! 


You probably saw that coming didn’t you! But in all seriousness, if you’re after something a bit more lively than chilling in a country cottage, we host THE BEST parties and you’ll find us in most major cities in the UK including Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.  



3. Make the booking EARLY


Okay, so once you’ve found the perfect venue for your hen party, be sure to book it well in advance! Especially if their planning on getting married during peak wedding season (May-September), we’re all busy bees so get that booking secured early. 


 At Revolucion de Cuba we make all bookings super easy, as you will be in touch with one of our sales team from the beginning! 


Also bear in mind that deposits may need to be taken so it may be an idea to give your hens a heads up beforehand!  




4. Choosing a theme


Phew, you can finally start to relax, the main part is DONE!  


Now it’s time to pick a theme. Whether it’s fancy dress or just a colour scheme, this will really make your hen party stand out PLUS ensure your Bride-to-be has Instagram worthy snaps. 



5. Have fun


The most important thing to remember when planning a hen party is to have fun celebrating with your bride-to-be! Make sure you include activities that everyone will enjoy (*cough cough – Rum Cocktail Masterclass at Revolucion de Cuba) and cherish the memories made as you’ll never (we hope) do it again! 



So, if you didn’t know where to start with the planning before reading this, we really hope you do now and if not, ASK for help! Whether that be from another bridesmaid or our friendly team when booking that Rum Cocktail Masterclass. 


Good Luck! 


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