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Cocktails, EditorialIntroducing Hidden Havana; our newest bar

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Posted on the 30 November 23

Introducing Hidden Havana; our newest bar space

Hidden Havana is our newest and best kept secret, until now.


Nestled in the basement of our flagship bar, Revolución de Cuba Manchester. Hidden Havana is a beautiful homage to the culture of Havana and Cuba.


A premium and exclusive bar space that is focused on providing exceptional rums and finely-crafted cocktails.


For this reason, we’ve collaborated with Eminente, a newly curated Cuban rum: pronounced “Em-in-en-tay”, in case you’re wondering.



Introducing Eminente

A rich and full-bodied rum that is heavily inspired by the 19th-century Cuban sugarcane eaux-de-vie production (you can read more about that by clicking here).


The youngest Cuban Maestro Ronero (aka Rum Master), César Martí, is the driving force behind this rum that originates from the heart of an island that locals refer to as “Isla del Cocodrilo”… which you guessed it is, because it resembles its native crocodile.


Eminente centrals it’s beliefs around conveying the culture, tradition and of course the art that is Cuban rum. We’re thrilled to partner with this newly established rum for our Hidden Havana space. It’s a place where exceptional quality is at the very core of what we do.



Hidden Havana Cocktails

Our expert bartenders (you might know them as Cantineros) have created an exclusive and incredibly selective menu of the most prestigious and equally exquisite cocktails.


Each of these drinks has been designed to transport you to the Caribbean with just a sip. You can see the full menu by clicking here.


We’re especially excited to introduce you to the Champagne Piña Colada.


It’s a delicious mix of Eminente Ambar Claro 3-Year-Old Rum and Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum. We’ve paired it with pineapple, coconut vegan ice cream and then finally, for a truly wonderful finish, we’ve topped it with Moët & Chandon Impérial Champagne.


The Eminente Ambar Claro is the perfect accompaniment to this cocktail because its soft and delicate on the nose, whilst also having fruity notes of green apple and pear.


Furthermore, the palette is both full-bodied and well balanced, with rich fruit pastry tones of cooked pears and toasted spices. These of course give the rum a pleasant freshness that pairs perfectly with the coconut ice cream and Champagne.

Experience Hidden Havana

If you’re ready to experience Hidden Havana for yourself, head over to the bar page by clicking here. You can explore the menu in full and book your trip today.


Want to learn more about Eminente rum? Click here to visit their website.



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