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CocktailsTake a Sip of Paradise with our Cocktail Specials

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Posted on the 18 July 23

This summer we’re taking you to Little Havana, Miami’s answer to Cuban paradise. Think sunshine, sea, art, music and of course, flaming hot fiestas.  


Our cocktail specials are packed full off flavours which will transport you to this Latin haven, and we couldn’t do it without an incredible selection of spirits from our amigos at Havana Club, Malfy, Absolut and more. Dive in and explore the taste of Little Havana below:  


Havana Club Cuban Spiced

Blending Havana Club’s double aged rum with exotic flavours and warming spices, Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum takes inspiration from the island’s vast tropical world. It strikes a delicious balance of juicy guava, fresh pineapple and toasted green coconut with sweet vanilla.  


Up your street? You’ll love Miami Iced and Havana Blues, also made with the smooth and special Havana Club Especial and fresh Havana Club 3 Year.  



Havana Club 7 Year 

Matured in ex-Bourbon barrels for a decadently rich and dark flavour profile, Havana Club 7 Year is perfect for our sophisticated Mango No. 5 cocktail. Each sip releases tastes of aromatic tobacco, sweet vanilla, molasses, tropical fruits and spices, enhanced by the continuous aging process.  



Havana Club Selección de Maestros 

Distinguished by its warm amber hue and deep red glow, Havana Club Selección de Maestros offers aromas of toasted pecan and spice with a full-bodied flavour profile featuring cocoa, coffee, sweet tobacco and brown spices.  


Combined with Havana Club Especial and Havana Club 3 Year, this smooth and smoky oak rum plays a key role in The Prestige.  



Malfy Gin Rosa 

With aromas of fresh grapefruit, rich rhubarb, citrus and anise, Malfy Gin Rosa transports you to Italy’s dream-like Amalfi Coast. Encapsulating the true spirit of la dolce vita, it has a fresh yet rich flavour with a long juniper finish.  


Your kind of thing? Make sure to try the Capri Sundowner.  



Malibu Original  

Blending White rum with the flavour of sweet coconut, Malibu truly encapsulates the taste of island life. It’s fresh and light on the nose with a smooth, creamy finish and sweet flavour profile. To put it simply, it’s sunshine in a bottle and compliments our Cuban Sangria like a dream.  



Mouth watering yet? 


Come and try our Escape To Little Havana cocktail specials throughout July and August.  

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