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FiestaHere’s why you need some Salsa in your life

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Posted on the 19 January 21

So, are you ready to dance your way through Lockdown 3.0?

Do you remember when every day we would open up our dancefloors to introduce you to a world of thrilling live salsa music – and the sensuality of the dancing itself?

Well, whilst we can’t do that right now we can still bring you a Cuban fiesta in the comfort of your own home.

Just in case you need convincing, here are five reasons why you absolutely need Salsa in your life.


It’s something a little bit different

Be honest with yourself – aren’t you getting a little bit tired of the same old work out classes? We’ve been there, done that! If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous, Salsa is the dance for you!


How about an extra helping of exciting live Salsa music? From incredible covers to classic Latin standards, salsa is a little bit different, a lot more fun and bound to transport you to a tropical paradise in seconds – even in a lockdown!


It’s a fun way to get fit

In Cuba, enjoying food and drink is a central aspect of the culture. That makes sense, especially when the cuisine and cocktails are so delicious.


What doesn’t make sense is how everyone stays in such good shape, well, it turns out salsa is the answer! When there’s a live band on every street corner, there’s plenty of opportunities to stay fit, keep active and have a good time whilst busting some serious Salsa moves.


Complete a class, and we guarantee you’ll feel amazing afterwards.


It’s a fast track to happiness

When have you ever stepped off a dancefloor feeling less happy than when you joined it? Never. And that’s because dancing makes you happier!


Don’t believe us? Well, it’s been proven that dancing triggers a huge endorphin release, even more than normal exercise… Let’s be honest, that’s a little boost we could all do with now.


Better still, there’s no music more upbeat and perfect for dancing too than salsa music. So if January Blues and Lockdown feels are getting you down, add some Salsa dancing to your life and feel your spirits lift.


Learn a new skill

We’re not just talking Banana Bread or learning a language you might never use; imagine the first time you step onto the dancefloor again. You’ll be strutting your moves and everyone will be so impressed by your new Latin moves BUT more importantly, you’ll be enjoying yourself!


This is a skill that can be enjoyed on your own, or shared with amigos – whether you’re together or apart!


It’s perfect for meeting people

Okay, bear with us on this one.


We know right now that this isn’t possible but as soon as we’re able to open and run Salsa classes again just imagine how excited you’ll be to do a real-life class… And then imagine all the other people who have been learning at home like you and now want to fiesta together!


For us, this is what sets Salsa music apart from the rest.


Salsa isn’t about showing off, or exclusivity, or anything like that. No, salsa is all about providing an opportunity to enjoy life with other people.


So whether you’re dancing a perfect salsa routine or attempting a traditional folk jig, ours is a judgement-free dancefloor where you’re free to let loose in your own way.  It’s a relaxed, easygoing environment, perfect for meeting new people.



So, now that you know the facts, do allow us to ask you again. 

Are you ready to dance?


Of course, you are. You need salsa in your life, and luckily for you, we’re bringing it in spades. Tune into our Instagram Lives, every Wednesday at 6pm, over on our central Instagram page for our weekly lessons with Havana Salsa UK to learn how to Salsa dance in a fun and relaxed environment (your home!)

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