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Christmas6 creative ideas for this year’s work Christmas do

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Posted on the 18 October 17

Love it or hate it, the office Christmas party comes around every year.

But if the memory of last year’s shindig is making you want to swerve this year’s completely, don’t worry because with our help your office Christmas party doesn’t have to be a recipe for social disaster.  So here are five fail-safe ideas to bring a bit of sparkle to your next work Christmas party and even make it, dare we say – enjoyable.

Take notes, people.

1. Karaoke

Well, be rude not to, right?

You might think karaoke is a touch cliché, but there’s a whole host of reasons why office parties across the land will be ringing to the sound of desecrated pop classics this Christmas. Not only is it a perfect dose of cheesy fun for close-knit teams, but karaoke is even great for breaking the ice with larger offices.

And let’s be honest, if you don’t find yourself in a karaoke booth with Pam from Accounts belting out The Pogues at 10pm on a Wednesday night… Did you even have a work Christmas do?

2. Bowling

We know what you’re thinking… Bowling, really?

But for a bit of a retro night out this Christmas, it really doesn’t get better than this. And you might not believe it, but bowling is back as far as light-hearted parties are concerned.  

Why? Well, it’s relaxed, got just the right amount of competitive edge for you and your colleagues, and most importantly, it’s a chance to watch your boss bowl seven gutterballs in a row…


3. Blank Canvas

If you’re after a work Christmas do with the most room for customisation, that requires a bit of creative energy, and has the ability to wow attendees… Look no further.

Booking a blank canvas venue may be a lot of work, but there’s loads of opportunity to make a personalised Christmas party with the theme, decorations, and food ALL up to you!

For smaller teams, booking a private hotel dining room will probably do the trick, but for large groups, we recommend pushing the boat out and hiring an exclusive manor house for a party they won’t forget!

4. Ice Skating

For something a little bit different, why not try ice-skating? Before you roll your eyes, ice-skating is great fun.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or even if you’re absolutely rubbish, you’re guaranteed a good giggle and it’s super festive. You could say it’s a real ice-breaker.

5. The Circus

Who doesn’t love the circus?

Putting all those tired run-of-the-mill parties to shame, a night at the circus is a piece of explosive entertainment that’s original as it gets, a carnival of colour, and absolutely guaranteed to appeal to all types of personalities.

And the best bit? You’re never far from a Cirque du Soleil performance at Christmas time!

6. A Cuban Christmas!

And if you want a Christmas party that will go down in history? Get your work Christmas do booked with us.

We’ll be serving up all of the festive feel-good vibes with a packed dancefloor, live music, decadent feasts and delicious cocktails.

Prepare for a truly unforgettable Christmas party, Cuban-style. Vamos!

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