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CocktailsHow many of these classic rum based cocktails do YOU know?

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Posted on the 05 June 17

You probably coulda guessed that we’re a little bit in love with rum-based cocktails. 

And while the idea of rum might conjure up images of pirates, deserted beaches and buried treasure, there’s actually a lot more to this spirit than meets the eye.

Able to add a touch of the tropics to any occasion, rum’s versatility of flavours makes it the perfect base for crafting delicious blends – and is probably why it holds such a special place in the heart of so many iconic drinks.

From the Mojito to the Daiquiri, these are the classic rum-based cocktails that are time-honoured for a reason, and the ones which you absolutely need to know about if you’re a rum fan! 

Cuba Libre

The Cuba Libre isn’t just a classic of rum-based cocktails, because – as the name suggests – it’s also a complete Cuban classic too.

Around since the 1900s, the story goes that American soldiers in Havana persuaded a barman to mix his precious rum with lime and a tasty new soda called Coca-Cola, creating what we know today as the Cuba Libre.

Whether that’s true is hard to say, but what we do know is that this is a grown-up drink, perfect for kicking back and enjoying with friends.

Classic Mojito

Rum, lime, mint, and sugar. Traced back as far as the 16th century, this iconic combination is how Cuba gets its mojo.

And with the passion, culture and taste of Havana with every sip, we just had to dedicate an entire section of our menu to the Mojito.

That’s right, we’ve mixed up no less than EIGHT dazzling variations on this Cuban classic, and you’ve just got to try them all.

Reggae Rum Punch

One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.

This little rhyme was once the most coveted drink recipe in the British Royal Navy, due to the full-flavoured punch it was used to create.

A historic taste of summer, the Reggae Rum Punch is inspired by a number of classic rum-based cocktails. It’s also perfect for rum-lovers and those with the notorious Jamaican sweet tooth.

The Daiquiri

Dating back to the 1800s, the Daiquiri is one of Cuba’s oldest and simplest rum-based cocktails.

Rum, lime and sugar are all it takes to make this classic which delicately balances sour and sweet. And as if it wasn’t iconic enough, it was also such a favourite of Ernest Hemingway that a twist on the Daiquiri was created just for him.

With that in mind, we recommend sipping your Daiquiri whilst wearing a straw fedora and reading The Old Man and the Sea.  

Dark ‘N Stormy

The Dark ‘N Stormy is a pretty straightforward cocktail that’s a straight-up taste of the tropics.

Made specifically with Gosling’s Black Seal rum, which is rich with vanilla and caramel to offset the tanginess of the ginger beer, the Dark ‘N Stormy is Bermuda’s national drink and about as good as it gets for summer sipping.


Want to taste your way through all of these classic rum-based cocktails?

You’re in luck! Every single one is available in bar, and some even come with a surprising tropical twist or two! Check out our famous cocktail menu ahead of time so you can pick your favourite rum-filled party mix.


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