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RecipeCocktail recipe: How to make the perfect Mojito cocktail

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Posted on the 23 November 14

The mojito. This is where it all began. The very heart of Cuban party culture. The elixir of Havana. And most of all, a damn fine drink. This seminal Cuban cocktail has been traced back as far as the 16th Century with both African slaves and Francis Drake credited as creators. It was a favourite of Mr Hemingway and, after one sip, it will be a favourite of yours too.

Mojito Cocktail Ingredients

A large spill of Bacardi Carta Blanca rum
A decent squeeze of lime juice
Fresh lime
A couple of teaspoons of caster sugar
Plenty of mint leaves
Soda water, to top
A sprig of mint
Plenty of crushed ice

How to make a Mojito

Chuck your mint leaves, sugar and a slug of lime juice into a highball glass. Give it a muddle (a vigorous stir with something wooden) and fill with ice. Add the rum, mix well and top with soda water. Throw in a mint sprig and a lime quarter.

Voilà. Havana in a glass.

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