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Cocktails4 cocktails from our menu we know you’ll love

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Posted on the 04 February 18

From untouchable classics to the latest trends and even the straight-up innovative, it’s safe to say, we’ve got some of the most perfectly concocted medleys ever on our cocktail menu.

And with each mix packed to the rafters with rich, exotic flavours and – quite frankly – a helluva lotta rum, we just know they’re gonna go down a storm in Birmingham.

So to give you a teeny tiny taste of what we’re talking about, here are some of the highlights we just know ol’ Brum is gonna fall in love with.

Classic Mojito

A classic for a reason.

Rum, lime, mint and sugar.

The Cuban trinity.

There’s no doubt about it, this iconic combination is how Cuba gets its mojo. A cocktail packed to the brim with passion, culture, and the taste of Ol’ Havana, the Mojito’s humble origins lay in the sugarcane fields of rural Cuba, way back in the 16th century. Since then, it has grown one of the country’s most famous cultural icons; an emblem of the island and the relaxed, refreshing lifestyle it leads.

And with a storied history as fascinating as it is delicious, we were soon hooked – and just had to dedicate an entire section of our menu to this rum-filled, classic… The marvellous Mojito cocktail.

Get ready Birmingham, ’cause a taste of the island life is on its way.

Miami Vice

Vice style never goes out of fashion.

Sweet, refreshing and… Hold on, actually two signature cocktails blended together?!

We all have our vices, and ours is a sensual treat of Bacardi Carta Oro rum, coconut, cream and pineapple, mixed with our very own Strawberry Daiquiri.

After sippin’ on this, you’ll wanna Don (Johnson) your best white blazer, grab your favourite sunnies and hit the beach – or the Bull Ring, maybe?

Just kidding. While you can’t exactly compare the Bull Ring to the white sands of South Beach, we will whisk you away to warmer climes wherever you are – with just one deliciously indulgent sip of this dreamy blended drink.   

Fancy Pineapple Daiquiri

Three is the magic number…

Thanks to plenty of Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple rum, this mix is just a little bit special.

A rich and delicious array of flavours accentuate the tasting notes of this rum. Smoky hints and aromas of pineapple, citrus peel, and a touch of clove, all make for a delicious fruity pizzaz to eat sip. Obviously, you just know we’ve added plenty to our Fancy Pineapple Daiquiri.

And with the rum as the star of the show, we’ve offset the warm finish of the spirit with lime and sugar, added pineapple as a compliment, and accentuated the rum with lightly dusted sweet cinnamon, in the shape of our favourite tropical fruit.

We’ll give you three guesses which.  


Entirely bonkers, but all the best cocktails are.

Did you know that Bacardi rum is mixed, muddled and stirred into more than 7.2 billion cocktails every year?

Now, that’s a LOT of drinks to get through. So if you’re looking to just try ONE blend that’s been loaded with Bacardi rum? Well, seeing as it’s filled with two different types of Bacardi, you simply have to make it our Madhatter.

We’ve taken Bacardi Carta Oro with its rich palate of charcoal, toffee and citrus fruit, combined it with Bacardi Carta Blanca thanks to its light sweetness and notes of caramel. Then, we’ve balanced it all with lashings of pineapple, vanilla, passion fruit and lime… And the result? A fresh, fruity cocktail that’s entirely bonkers and full of muchness.


Now we’re going to have to stop there, or else we’ll go on for days about the tropical wonders of our delicious cocktail menu.

But if you simply NEED to find out more? Well, we’ll be in Birmingham before you know it, but you can check out our famous menu ahead of time to pick your favourite rum-filled party mix.


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