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Fiesta8 New Year’s resolutions to make and stick to in 2018

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Posted on the 20 December 16

Already set yourself some New Year’s Eve resolutions?

Let’s guess, you’re planning on finally embracing Dry January? Jogging in the morning? Cutting out every last lovely, lovely carb?

Well, predictable plot twist… But you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

By January 3rd you’ll be sat on the sofa, throwing back G&Ts, eating tiger bread, and wearing pyjamas you haven’t taken off since Christmas. So instead, here are some wholesome, uplifting resolutions that are really easy to keep and most importantly, good for your soul!

1. Exercise your brain by reading more

Whether you’re already a complete book nerd, or the last thing you read was YEARS ago (Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, anyone?), this is the year to put your phone down and pick up some good books instead!

Not only does it mean you’re constantly learning, but when you get stuck into a classic like The Great Gatsby or rewarding escapist thrillers like Murder on the Orient Express, you’ll realise it’s well better than endlessly scrolling Twitter and Instagram every night.

2. Visit a completely new country

We’d all love to perk up 2018 by Instagramming some exotic adventures around the world… But who can afford it?

Well, with budget flights and more alternative lodging options (thank you Airbnb!) than ever before, you could find yourself gulping down gelato, under a veranda in Rome, without breaking the bank. Ciao!

3. Reconnect with old friends

Whether it’s been one year, five years, or even an entire decade, the most wholesome resolution you can set for yourself this year is reconnecting with as many friends as possible. 

And seeing as this is an easier resolution to stick to than running every morning (urgh!)… Pop the kettle on, think of the best way to reach out, and have some amazing catch-ups in 2018.

4. Freshen up your life with some fresh bedding

There’s no doubt about it, the feeling of fresh bedding is as close to pure happiness as we’ve ever been.

So if the thought of all these other energy-sapping New Year’s resolutions is getting you down, set yourself the task to wash your sheets at least once a week – and when you do – get ready to…

5. Treat yourself from time to time

We know this isn’t your traditional New Year’s Eve resolution, but with seemingly everyone around you giving up chocolate, carbs and heaven forbid, rum, it can be easy to forget to treat yourself along the way.

So with the winter blues in full force, we think it’s a good idea to warm up with some of the hottest foodie bits. Now, if only we knew somewhere that packed every dish with exotic ingredients, bold flavours and fiery Cuban passion.

6. Sleep better than ever before! 

Always wanted to take your restless, 6-and-a-half hours slumber and turn it into the most serene, refreshing 8 hours of your life?

Download a sleep app to keep track of how long you sleep, how restless you get in the night, plus hints and tips on getting the best possible sleep… And never fall asleep at your desk (again)! 

7. Call your relatives more than once every 6 months

Forget about cutting out gluten, this is probably the most important New Year’s Eve resolution you can make this year.

So, if you only call your distant relatives when it’s their birthday or to thank them for the Christmas card, it’s time to make 2018 the year that all changes. They love you, and believe us, they’ll appreciate it more than you can imagine.

8. Make every fiesta next-level in 2018! 

There’s no doubt about it, this year is the time we finally stop putting up with those average fiestas, for a New Year’s Eve resolution we can ALL get behind.

And the best way to start as you mean to go on? Well, that’s obvious, by joining us as we usher in 2019 the only way we know how…

With a Cuban New Year’s Eve party of seriously unprecedented proportions! Think dazzling handcrafted cocktails. Thrilling live music. Exotic party vibes. All that good stuff.

Expect all this and much, much more as the new year calls for a next-level fiesta. So, you in? Book your table ASAP!

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