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CocktailsHave you tried our incredible Bacardi Cuatro cocktails?

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Posted on the 19 April 18

If there’s one brand that knows all about creating rums with spirit, it’s Bacardi. 

Revolution. Prohibition. Exile. The Bacardi bat has survived it all and come out fighting. Stronger. Just like its rums.

Whilst crafting our new cocktail menu, we began searching for a rum that was smooth. Suave. Sophisticated. Most importantly, we searched for a rum we could use to create something new. Something that had never been done before. And where do you think we turned? Yes, you got it.

The worldwide-renowned rum aficionados had the answer; Bacardi had just finished perfecting a brand new rum. And we think it’s about time we introduced you.

Meet Bacardi Cuatro.

An exquisite golden rum, delicately barrel-aged for four years in oak casks and shaded from the hot tropical sun. The perfect introduction to premium rums, it’s light and buttery with aromas of fudge and toffee. You’ll taste the perfect balance of faint vanilla and dark honey; a sweetness that takes you to straight to northern Puerto Rico – the homeland of this king of rums.

Make no mistake, Bacardi Cuatro is a beautiful rum. And it just got even better.

Try Bacardi Cuatro in… our Polynesian Punch

Polynesian Punch featuring Bacardi Cuatro rum

Get ready for your first-class ticket to Polynesia.

Fruity, refreshing, and guaranteed to turn heads.

Bacardi Cuatro might be the star of the show in these cocktails, but we’ve highlighted the spirit’s versatility by mixing it with the syrupy flavours of Blue Curaçao, almond, mango, apple and lime, all for a sweet mix that tastes just as good as it looks.

And come on, just look at it.

Here comes our Reina Colada

Reina Colada featuring Bacardi Cuatro rum.

Being a queen probably isn’t easy. But it definitely is tasty.

Ever wanted to feel like Spanish royalty?

Well, we’ve combined Bacardi Cuatro and Freixenet prosecco for a mix that’s as refreshing as it is delicious, for a cocktail fit for a queen.

With coconut, vanilla and pineapple to complement the Cuatro’s vanilla and caramel notes – and considering Reina is the Spanish for ‘queen’ – our Reina Colada is regal, refined and rather exquisite really.

Fly away with our Pan Am

Pan Am featuring Bacardi Cuatro rum.

A flight with Pan Am is no longer included.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you take to the skies with this decadent number. 

We’ve combined our precious Bacardi Cuatro with everyone’s favourite Italian Aperitif, Aperol, to really take you away. We’ve shaken this heady mix with complementary flavours such as pineapple, cranberry, sweet almond and lemon… And the result? A contemporary twist on a classic daiquiri. One that will whisk you away to warmer climes after just one sip.

Indulge in our Pineapple Passion Spritz

Light, bubbly and oh-so refreshing.

We’ve combined Bacardi Cuatro and Freixenet prosecco for a cocktail that’s travelled from Italy to Cuba and back again; our Pineapple Passion Spritz. 

A mix we bet you’ll never put down, we’ve added pineapple liqueur, passion fruit and soda for one satisfying spritz that doesn’t hold back on passion – or flavour.


Ready for a taste of Bacardi Cuatro? You’ll be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else, as only a handful of UK bars stock it – so join us and try our exclusive serves.

Book a table and get ready to fall in love with every last one of these premium cocktails.

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