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CocktailsAmbassadors of Rum Introduce… Mount Gay Black Barrel

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Posted on the 24 September 15

“So many rums, so little time.”

It’s the way we start most of our conversations. But, as ambassadors of rum, it’s our duty to share our expansive knowledge, and unconditional love, of rums from around the world with… Well, the world.

You’ll often find us, tumbler in hand, at a 45 ° angle, in a wicker chair under a whirring ceiling fan in a crumbling art deco building in Havana. And yes, we did just get sidetracked there. But the point is… What was it again?

Wherever we are, whatever rum-based blend we’re sipping, we’ll be waxing lyrical about our favourite new face in the category. And that’s the beauty of Revolución de Cuba – it offers you the chance to try – no, to venture into – these rums the way they were intended to be tasted. Or explored, if you will.

As for the tipple in our spotlight today, round of applause please for the simply divine: Mount Gay Black Barrel.

The Barbados-based brand (try saying that after a few Cuba Libres) is renowned as the oldest rum maker in the world, and all that expertise has been poured into every bottle of Black Barrel.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the video below to see the lowdown on Mount Gay’s latest work of art:



We’re serving up the rum in many ways – over ice, with a Fever-Tree ginger ale mixer or however the hell you choose to try it. Whichever way you go, we’ll make sure you experience Mount Gay at its very best. So, grab your hat and your boots, my adventure-thirsty friend. Let’s have a drink together.


Want to get a taste? Book your table now and get ready to start a journey into the wonderful world of the finest rums.

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