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CocktailsIntroducing our new house pour, Havana Club rum!

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Posted on the 25 February 20

Calling all lovers of the sugarcane spirit! There are exciting times ahead, here at casa de Cuba… There’s a new rum in town (behind our bar) so if you can’t get enough of the Caribbean’s finest export? Join us, as we welcome our new house pour rum, ready to fuel la fiesta. 

That’s right, we’re saying HELLO (or should that be hola?) to Havana Club rum. It’s a momentous occasion for discerning rum drinkers – as the original Cuban rum arrives at the UK’s favourite Cuban-inspired drinking hotspot. 

So why Havana Club?

Rum is the lifeblood of Cuba. Shaped by the island’s history, people, geography, cuisine and climate, the storied spirit is an essential part of this proud nation’s culture. As its finest expression, the Havana Club range represents this rich heritage – embodying island life in ways quite unlike any other. 

Made using only traditional Cuban methods, by craftsmen known as Maestros del Ron Cubano, Havana Club boasts unrivalled quality and purity compared to other rums from around the world. 

How is it made?

It’s produced using premium-quality sugarcane, which is then processed in a leisurely slow distillation process carried out in columns designed especially for Havana Club. This

results in a strong spirit with powerful aromas known as aguardiente. 

The aguardiente is then aged in white oak casks before being blended with a fresh sugarcane distillate to create ron fresco, otherwise known as ‘fresh rum’ to the locals. This rum is left to age again before being blended again – a process that is then repeated until the Maestros are satisfied. 

The entire Havana Club range is aged naturally, without any kind of artificial acceleration, and the choice of cask is crucial, as it’s the wood that gives the blend a specific colour, aroma, complexity – and of course, flavour – ready to be enjoyed by Cantineros and rum drinkers around the world.

An esteemed role like no other…

This is not a job taught in textbooks. As Don José Navarro, the premier Maestro del Ron Cubano puts it, it is “a cultural heritage, passed on from Maestro to Maestro”. A unique passion, that for most burns stronger than a shot of overproof itself.  

For 15 long years, the aspiring Maestro undergoes rigorous training. Under the supervision of a senior Maestro del Ron Cubano, they learn to select the best molasses, supervise their fermentation and distillation, pick the best casks to age the distillates and blend them to obtain the finest rums. A Maestro del Ron Cubano is a true master of the craft – not dissimilar to a Revolución de Cuba Cantinero. 

Havana Club has come to Revolución de Cuba 

Sipped to the rhythm of the best Cuban and Latin music, Havana Club embodies the spirit of Cuba. And now, Havana Club has come home. 

Join us in bar, book a table and try Havana Club rum for yourself!

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