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CocktailsFuel Your Wanderlust: Here are the new cocktails you NEED to know about

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Posted on the 28 March 18

Latin-inspired. Lovingly crafted. And loaded with drinks for adventurous spirits.

Even if we say so ourselves, this is like no other cocktail menu you’ve ever seen. Think of refined blends that’ll delight your senses. Fresh rum-filled classics you’ve come to know and love. And a menu full of all your favourite flavours. Even if you don’t know them yet.

We think these cocktails are a complete revelation, but don’t just take our word for it.

Have a look for yourself. 


Who knew butterflies packed such a punch?

There’s no two ways about it, this cocktail is guaranteed to make your heart flutter.

With Koko Kanu coconut rum, an intense sweetness and sharpness from Chambord black raspberry liqueur, and then shaken with passion fruit, pineapple, cranberry and lemon, prepare to fall in love with this perfectly sweet butterfly punch.

Pan Am 

Thank you for flying Pan Am.

When the British weather inevitably lets us down, take to the skies with this hot little number.

We’ve harnessed the power of sunshine vibes by mixing Bacardi Cuatro rum and Aperol, then shaken with pineapple, cranberry, sweet almond and lemon, for a daiquiri that whisks you away to warmer climes after just one sip.

Reina Colada

YAS Queen.

Spanish for ‘queen’, La Reina is regal, refined and rather exquisite really.

And our Reina Colada? Well, it’s not much different. Featuring Bacardi Cuatro rum and Freixenet Prosecco with coconut, vanilla and pineapple, get ready to feel like Spanish royalty while sipping a cocktail that’s as refreshing as it is delicious.

The Perfect G&Ts

From left to right: Slingsby Rhubarb, Tanqueray No. 10, Portobello Road, Bloom

Beautifully balanced. Silky smooth. And oh so sippable…

The perfect double acts to any sunny afternoon, we think it’s about time you were introduced to our brand new G&Ts.

Slingsby Rhubarb

The G&T may already be a quintessential British cocktail, but we’ve taken it one step further with this serve. With the sweet, unforgettable flavour of Slingsby Rhubarb gin, we’ve added Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic water and then garnished with mint and lemon, for a G&T packed to the brim with classic British flavours and an all-important exotic twist.

Tanqueray No. 10

We’ve taken the grand master of dry gin, Tanqueray No. 10 gin, then stirred it with Fever-Tree light tonic water and garnished with fresh raspberries and a twist of orange, and the result? A G&T that’s lightly fragrant, wonderfully refreshing and perfectly balanced, every single time.

Portobello Road

We’ve stirred Smooth Portobello Road gin with Fever-Tree light tonic water before garnishing with grapefruit for a mix that’s refreshing, flavoursome and above all else, a fabulous first impression.


Thanks to a stunning combination of Bloom gin, Fever-Tree light tonic water, lime and fresh strawberry, this G&T has a distinctive floral delicacy and the kind of immersive taste that means you’ll never put it down. Ever.

Virgin Zombie Slayer & Blackberry Colada

Our Virgin Zombie Slayer and Blackberry Colada.

Need something to drink when you’re not drinking? Well, our new menu has you covered.

Featuring a range of alcohol-free options that are the perfect treat if you’re resisting temptation, you won’t miss out if you find yourself the designated driver thanks to these cocktails.

Take our Virgin Zombie Slayer, which uses a fruity combination of pineapple, passion fruit, lime, strawberry and Ting to deliver all the fun, all the flavour, just less of the fire of the original. While for our Blackberry Colada, we’ve taken coconut, vanilla, pineapple, lime and heaps of blackberry (obviously), to create a mix that tastes just as good as it looks. And just look at it.


Fancy fuelling your wanderlust? 

Take a moment, check out the menu in its full glory and while you’re there, get ready to savour every last sip. You’ll thank us later.

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