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Cocktails, EditorialFiesta Under the Stars with Our After Dark Cocktail Specials

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Posted on the 05 September 23

The sun is setting after a long day exploring paradise. We’ve had the summer adventures in the heat, but now it’s time to let loose under the stars, dance like nobody’s watching and experience the magic of After Dark.


Our new cocktail specials celebrate the end of summer and the tropical nights ahead. We’re talking sunsets, bonfires on the beach and fiestas past midnight, all inspired by the unparalleled flavour of Kraken Rum and the legend of The Beast.


Explore each of our new serves below and find your Autumn favourite at a Revolución de Cuba near you.


The Perfect Storm

A take on the popular Dark & Stormy, this one is the perfect drink to get you in the cosy, Autumn mood. Kraken Black Spiced rum floats on top of Ginger Beer, emulating the fearsome tentacles of The Beast lurking in midnight waters. It’s topped with plenty of ice and a fresh lime to garnish.



Perfect Storm



Black Cherry Cola

We’re extra excited about this one because it features Kraken’s brand new Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla Rum. A rich fusion of Spiced Caribbean Rum with notes of deep black cherry, caramel, warming wood and vanilla is topped with Coke Zero for a sweet and refreshing take on  your usual Rum & Coke.


Black Cherry Cola


Twisted Paradise

Imagine dreamy nights on the beach watching the sunset, but with a darker twist. Kraken Cherry is shaken with Grenadine, Cointreau and a selection of tropical fruit juices for the ultimate island-life cocktail with something menacing lurking beneath.


Twisted Paradise


Midnight Mojito

The perfect Cuban refresher makes a deal with the devil and becomes the Midnight Mojito. With flavours of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and aromas of caramel and toffee, Kraken’s Spiced Rum gives this classic cocktail a spicier finish.


Midnight Mojito


Pumpkin Spiced Rum Latte

It’s officially that time of year, and all  your Pumpkin Spiced dreams are coming true at Rev de Cuba. Kraken Black Spiced is vigorously shaken with creamy RumChata cream liqueur and coffee for the perfect Autumn pick-me-up. Lovers of our Espresso Rumtini and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes should be running to try this one.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte


Dark Daiquiri

Our Daiquiri just got a whole lot moodier. This jet black concoction includes Kraken Black Spiced with lime juice, pineapple syrup and a secret ingredient that we’ll take to the grave.


Dark Daiquiri


Kraken Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla Shot Board

Legend has it that crews sailing the seas would carry black cherries and vanilla pods from Madagascar as a remedy for Kraken sucker bites. Supposedly, the freshness counteracts the foulness, and so the fusion was added to Kraken’s rum over time in an attempt to deter The Beast. To be safe, we suggest prescribing a shot to each of your amigos.


Cherry and Vanilla Shots


Ready to venture into the After Dark? Visit your local Revolutión de Cuba to try our brand new specials, available until 6th November.


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