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Posted on the 26 June 20

Last updated 10/12/2021 

Updated 10th December 2021


Plan B  


Do I need to take a lateral flow test / have a covid passport to visit your bar?  

This one is a bit complicated, if there are more than 500 people in our bar or it’s operating like a nightclub in the late evening, then yes. If the bar has a capacity of 499 or less, or is not operating like a nightclub, then no. That said, we recommend guests always take a lateral flow test before visiting us. You know, safety first.


How do I amend or cancel my booking?  

Please use the link on your booking confirmation email. You can find our terms & conditions here for more information on the flexibility you have with your booking. You can also click here if you can’t find your booking email.


Do I need to wear a mask? 

There is no requirement to wear a mask in our bar, but you are welcome to if you want to do so.


Will I be able to dance like it’s 2019? 

In short, hell yes! 







Are all your venues now open? 

All our venues are open though some may be temporarily closed due to COVID. This may be because of staff shortages, a pending PCR test result or on the rare occasion, a confirmed case. In this occurs, we will share an update on the site-specific social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and be in touch via email if you have a booking that is impacted by this. 


Please be sure to check your junk folders if you haven’t received an email. If you are unable to find this email, please get in touch with us on Twitter by clicking here. 


Will the atmosphere be the same? 

That’s the plan, Amigo! We are incredibly excited to announce that we are able to bring you live music in some of our venues. 


Live Music every Friday and Saturday 

  • Birmingham 
  • Bristol 
  • Leeds 
  • Manchester 
  • Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 
  • Nottingham 

Live Music every Saturday 

  • Derby 
  • Harrogate 
  • Liverpool 
  • Milton Keynes 
  • Norwich 
  • Reading 
  • Sheffield 
  • Southampton 

At this time, we are unable to provide Live Music in the following bars: 

  • Aberdeen 
  • Belfast 
  • Cardiff 
  • Glasgow 


 What time will you be open until? 

We are incredibly happy with the English and Northern Irish Governments’ decision to remove the 10pm curfew. This means that the opening times of each venue will differ slightly based on what’s best for that location, the teams and also any local licencing conditions. 

In Scotland, the curfew still remains and so our bars will open until 10pm every day they are open. 

For the most up to date information, we recommend checking out your local bar page. 


How will you be assisting the NHS Test and Trace with requests for data of customers and visitors as per the government guidelines? 

The NHS Test and Trace system is now in place. If you book with us, we will use the key bookers’ details. If you do not book, please use the NHS COVID-19 app to check-in. Your server can help you with this process if you need a hand. All details will be kept for 21 days and will only be used for the sole purpose of contacting you regarding any potential outbreak/contact. 


We will remain GDPR compliant at all times, further information on our policy can be found here. 



How are you keeping guests safe? 

The safety of our guests and teams is our top priority, and we have been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months to find ways to be able to get the party started again in the safest way possible. 

We are continually monitoring government guidelines and will update our guest charter as frequently as required. 


Our Guest Charter – English Bars Only 

Nine things we are doing to take care of you;    

  1. We support guests wearing face coverings   
  2. Hand sanitiser stations are available for your use and we encourage hand washing 
  3. Our teams undertake daily health screenings and are encouraged to wear face coverings  
  4. We have increased cleaning in guest areas  
  5. Order and Pay from your table using your mobile (where available) or you can order from the bar  
  6. We’ve gone cashless, preferring contactless payment where possible  
  7. Our team wash and/or sanitise their hands frequently   
  8. If you are feeling unwell and displaying symptoms of COVID please do not enter, we want to keep our teams and guests safe!  
  9. Be safe and have fun! 



Our Guest Charter – NI, Scotland and Wales 

What we’re doing to take good care of you: 

Our bars are part of the ‘We’re Good To Go’ accreditation scheme 

  1. We have an increased cleaning regime in place 
  2. Hand sanitiser stations available – please use them! 
  3. Ourteam are trained and health-screened on returning to work 
  4. Our team wash/sanitise their hands frequently 
  5. We’ve restricted our capacity 
  6. Tables are spaced further apart, and screens installed where required 
  7. Floor markingsand directional signage to help you go with the flow 
  8. Order and Pay at table available using your mobile 
  9.  We’ve gone cashless, and encourage contactless payment 

What we’re asking of you in return:  

  1. Please stay away if you have any COVID symptoms 
  2. Support us with NHS Test & Trace requirements 
  3. Respect the current physical distancing and personal hygiene guidelines 
  4. Remain seated wherever possible, if you do need to order at the bar send one of your crew to get the round in! 
  5. Please respect our teams, if you have any questions please ask; we’re here to help. 


How are you protecting your teams? 

We are continually monitoring government guidelines and will update our guest charter in accordance with government guidelines as needed, to ensure our teams safety. We also have several other teams focused measures in place to ensure their safety. 

  1. Team members will work in family units, start times and breaks will be staggered where possible to minimise contact
  2. Risk assessments, policy and signage will be on display help team members stay safe.
  3. Daily briefings will be conducted to ensure the team is prepared and aware of their duties for the session.
  4. Work areas and stations will be fully prepared to minimize contact with others and ensure maximum efficiency.
  5. We continue to take pride in our back of house areas, they will be professionally cleaned daily.
  6. Team members will sanitise their hands when entering & leaving all back of house and kitchen areas 


What are you doing if one of your team members test positive for COVID-19? 

All our teams are subject to health screenings and we are following government guidance on the safety of guests and teams closely. We are supporting our teams if they need to self-isolate for medical reasons and will help them make the necessary arrangements to ensure they concentrate on recovery. 


Do I have to wear a mask? 

In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales the answer is yes. It is now the law that all guests must wear a mask when moving around the venue. This includes but is not limited to: when entering the venue, moving from your table to the bar/restroom/outside, when leaving the venue. Masks can be removed once guests are seated at their table. 


If you’re in England, masks are not mandatory, but we support any guests who wise to protect themselves with the use of a face mask. You may notice some of our staff continue to wear masks, we ask that you support them in doing so too. 


Bookings and reservations 

Do I need a reservation? 

Reservations are not needed but due to high demand, we recommend you make a booking to avoid being disappointed. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales we are operating at a seated capacity until further notice from the government. 

 In England, guests are not required to sit as part of their booking, but we do recommend you book if you wish to reserve a table. 

 This also supports NHS Test & Trace. 


How long is my booking slot? 

Booking slots and times vary per location and booking type and will be confirmed with you when completing your booking via your confirmation email. If you require your table for longer, please speak to the host on arrival to the venue and they will be able to let you know if your reservation can be extended. 


How many people can I make my booking for? 


  • There is no limit on booking size in line with COVID restrictions 
  • Any booking size limits are due to the capacity of the venue and are in line with our licencing restrictions, so please ensure you adhere to these. If you do not, your booking may not go ahead. 


We are currently accepting bookings in line with the same restrictions as England. 

  • Should the rules change, we will be in touch with plenty of notice to make amends to your booking to ensure it fits in with the Government restrictions. 



  • For any bookings between 17th May and 20th June, the following applies: 

Rule of six from a maximum of THREE households. Under 12s do count towards household numbers for indoors. 


Northern Ireland 

  • For any bookings between 24th May and 20th June, the following applies:  

Rule of six from a maximum of TWO households. 



I want to book for six people and a child or baby, can I still do this? 

In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the maximum booking size is six people. A child or baby is just a small person so, unfortunately; you will not be able to make this booking as the total number of guests would be seven. 


Any child or baby will still count as one guest. Please consider this when making your booking. If you arrive for your booking and your guest total is seven or more, your booking will be cancelled and you will lose any deposit or holding fee paid. 


In England, there is no restriction on booking size. However, we do ask that if you are including children or babies in your booking you let us know to ensure we locate your booking in a suitable part of the venue. 


I live with six or more people, can we still make a booking for all of us? 

In England, you will be able to make this booking.  

However, in all our other venues, the maximum booking size is six so unfortunately this won’t be possible until the restrictions are amended by the relevant government. We know this feels strict, but these rules are in place to protect us and you. 


I need to amend my booking, how do I do that? 

This can be done via the “Manage My Booking” button which can be found in your confirmation email or by clicking here. 


If I do cancel, will I lose my deposit? 

If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of your booking date and time, you agree to forfeit your deposit. Any bookings cancelled outside of this window will have their deposit returned to them. 


Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales: 

There are more than six of us from more than two households, can we just book two tables and be sat next to one another, or push the tables together? 

Whilst you can make two bookings, due to our current social distancing layout it is highly unlikely that your bookings will be sat near each other. The current law states that guests must be seated during their booking so you will not be able to stand up and move between your booking. Doing so, will be a breach of the law and will result in your booking being asked to leave. You will also forfeit any deposit paid. You may also face a fine by authorities. So in summary, unfortunately, no. No you can’t. 


When can I book for more than six people? 

In England, there is no cap on the booking size in relation to COVID restrictions. However, some venues have a smaller capacity and so booking size may be restricted due to venue availability. If you wish to make a large booking, we recommend checking with your local venue. 

 In all other venues, we are waiting for confirmation from the relevant Governments on when the restrictions will be eased. 

 Please be mindful that any bookings made may be subject to change. 

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