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RecipeCocktail recipe: How to make an Eggnog Colada

Reading Time: 2 mins

Posted on the 01 December 16

Have you ever tasted eggnog?

This creamy, marvellously mysterious Christmastime drink is somewhat curious… In that many of us don’t even know what’s in it. It’s enigmatic. It’s eggy. Or is it? Well, let’s see.

Traditional eggnog is a rich, chilled affair, often made with milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon and whipped eggs (whites and yolks) which does sound rather yummy. But what about the booze?

As much as we love the sound of it, we’ve ditched the traditional eggnog recipe this year. Swayed by our boundless love of rum, we bring you our very own take on the Christmas classic; our Eggnog Colada.

As always, we’ve thrown out the cocktail rulebook for this one, taking just a hint of inspiration from the standard recipe. And, ladies and gentleman, in the hope of getting you better acquainted, here’s how you can make it at home.


Boston tin
Your favourite festive cup!

Eggnog Colada Ingredients

1 large measure Bacardi Carta Fuego rum
1 standard measure pineapple juice
½ measure cream of coconut
½ measure caramel liqueur
Splash of milk and cream
Dash of bitters
Cocoa powder for dusting
Mint sprig

How to make an Eggnog Colada

Supposedly, the beauty of eggnog is the slow, notoriously tricky process it takes to make. But for a cocktail? Pfft, who’s got the time?! Especially with all the wrapping and Christmas parties that keep us so very busy at this time of year.

Nope, the best thing about our Eggnog Colada (apart from the taste) is how quickly – and easily – you can whip one up, no whisking required.

Simply grab your Boston tin, shake ALL ingredients with ice (except the cocoa powder and mint). Then, strain over some fresh ice into your favourite Christmas cup. Cap with more crushed ice, dust lightly with cocoa powder and pop a mint sprig on top, to make it extra pretty.

And that’s it! Wow your friends this season with an original Eggnog Colada. Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – or so someone wise once said. We just think it’s perfect for a Christmas party.


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