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Cocktails5 Old-Fashioned Facts You Didn’t Know

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Posted on the 01 November 21

It’s Old-Fashioned Week and this classic cocktail has got some serious history. Not only has it been around for quite some time, but there are some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ when it comes to this timeless tipple. Read on amigos and we’ll tell you 5 facts about the Old-Fashioned you didn’t know…



1.) It was one of the world’s first cocktails.


The Old-Fashioned dates back to 1880. Legend has it that James E. Pepper, master distiller of James E. Pepper bourbon whiskey, created the popular drink during a visit to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York!



2.) It’s one of the most straightforward cocktails to create.


You can make this classic cocktail with just three ingredients. For the traditional recipe, simply stir together bourbon or rye with sugar syrup and Angostura bitters in a rocks glass, add your ice and garnish, and that’s it!



3.) Bigger is better.


In this cocktail, the large ice cubes aren’t just for show. The Old-Fashioned is an alcohol-forward cocktail, so avoiding dilution is key. Cantineros use larger ice cubes because they melt slower than small or crushed ice.



4.) It’s often reinvented.


The Old-Fashioned is often modernised with various ingredients and techniques. Here at Revolución de Cuba we give the traditional recipe a tropical twist. Havana Club 7-Year-Old rum is stirred over a coconut water ice cube [that’s right, we take our ice cubes to the next level] with Giffard pineapple liqueur and chocolate bitters.



5.) It’s a timeless classic.


The Old-Fashioned remains one of the most popular drink orders in the world. In fact, it was named the No.1 best-selling cocktail of 2020 by Drinks International! In a poll conducted by the publication, nearly 35% of participating bars named the drink as the most ordered drink on the menu, and three-quarters placed it in their top 10.



Now you’re clued up on the Old-Fashioned, you’ve got to try our tropical twist on this classic cocktail. It’s rich in flavour that lingers on the lips and warms the soul… So what are you waiting for?! Just follow this link to book your trip to the tropics 👉 https://bit.ly/35SX40j

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