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Food, RecipeTaco Like A Pro: Introducing Our Cuban Cantina

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Posted on the 25 September 23

One of the few things that compare to the joy of eating a taco is the process of building one. It’s an experience which is no less enjoyed by the people of Cuba, even on-the-go. Although we might be used to scoffing a quick salad or sandwich on our lunch break, Cubans have been transporting hearty meals to work for generations using traditional metal lunchboxes called a cantina. 


Used as a method to deliver food from the local cantina straight to your door, these handy boxes have three compartments for each element of a delicious Cuban meal.




Over time, workers started experimenting by making different drinks to bring along with their cantina lunch box. This earned them title of Cantinero, which are the heroes we all know and love in our bars now.

Our cantinas have all the components for a delicious taco, although the vessels transport other staples in Cuban cuisine from Rice and Black Beans, Cubanos and even coffee.


Waiting for your cantina delivery? Here’s our guide to taco-ing like a pro:



  1. Take the lid off the top of the cantina to reveal soft, fresh tortillas.
  2. Grab the first one before anyone else can.
  3. Take the second lid off the cantina for your filling of choice (Plantain & Feta, Beef Ropa, Vegan Plantain, Chicken or Pork).
  4. Cup the tortilla in your hand fill as much as you desire.
  5. Time for toppings; sprinkle each of the three toppings onto your taco.
  6. Eat as messily as possible and wash down with a margarita.


Book now to enjoy our NEW cantina sharer with your favourite amigos.


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