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FoodPssst. THIS is the secret to the perfect taco

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Posted on the 07 February 18

There are tacos, and then there are tacos.

You might think they’re impossible to get wrong. Maybe that you’ve never had a bad taco. Or that the perfect taco is simply the one in your hand.

But if you don’t get seriously excited at the tantalising flavour combinations of tacos, then you’ve probably never really had a taco.

To show you just what we mean, we’re rounding up the secrets to the perfect taco. So sit back, relax, and prepare for a lesson on Mexico’s most famous dish.

Let’s taco ‘bout tortillas

Soft corn tortillas: classic for a reason.

If you ask a sushi chef what’s more important, the fish or the rice, they’ll say the rice every single time. And in the world of tacos, the most delicious filling on Earth can’t make a bad tortilla good.

From soft to hard, corn to flour, you have almost as much variety with tortillas as you do with fillings. But whatever you go for, they need to be fresh. If your tortillas are stale when you come to make tacos, you’re not making tacos tonight. It’s that simple.

And when it comes to the tortilla type? Well, soft corn tortillas are the most authentic kind of taco, with a robust flavour of toasted corn – these are the ones you’ll see all over Mexico. Soft flour tortillas have a much more neutral, sweet flavour, and are perfect when you want the flavours of the filling to really shine. While American-style hard tacos are less about flavour, and all about texture with that satisfying crunch.

But our recommendation for the perfect taco? It has to be a soft corn tortilla. It’s classic for a reason.

Whatever you do – don’t overstuff

It might take practice, and it probably goes against everything you believe in, but hold back with your ingredients when it comes to stuffing your tacos, ‘cause nobody wants taco all over the table!

Our top tip for avoiding a taco that’s too full to even get in your mouth? When the taco’s still flat, leave a clear inch of corn tortilla edge around whatever delicious filling you’ve got in the middle. That’s how we get perfect tacos that impress without intimidating – or spilling. 

And if you’ve still got filling left over – you’ll just have to make more tacos!

Mix it up with great fillings

How creative can you get with your taco fillings?

Let’s play a game.

When we say the word TACO, what’s the first image that comes into your head?

Is it a soft corn tortilla stuffed with traditional Mexican favourites, like shredded barbacoa and a smattering of pickled chillies? Or are you keeping it simple with marinated chicken, chopped lettuce, cheese and a generous helping of spicy salsa?

Or maybe you’re all about the more inventive fillings that have been trendy among foodies this year? Like juicy pulled pork with caramelised pineapple and a little hit of salsa? Or delicately charred halloumi and roasted vegetables, lovingly coated in a chilli jam glaze? Or if you really like to push the boat out, you’re thinking about an indulgent cheeseburger taco topped with melting Manchego cheese? 

In case we haven’t already made it abundantly clear, taco fillings come in all shapes, sizes, colours, makes and models, and they’re just getting more and more creative. So next time you’re not sure about what to stuff your soft corn tortilla with, mix it up by thinking outside the box!

Make it your own

When it comes to versatility, few foods are as perfect as the humble taco. But the thing is, the fillings that hit the spot for someone else, might not work for you.

So make sure to personalise every taco you order by adding extras to make it your own. Need more of a juicy crunch with your taco? Add extra onions to get the textures just right.

Or if you’re missing some heat? Well, jalapeños are about to become your best friend.

And if the fillings feel like they’re clashing a bit too much? Add a little acidity in the form of a pickled condiment or a squeeze of fresh lime juice to bring all the elements together.


The perfect taco is perfect for sharing

Fresh tortillas and inventive fillings might be pretty important, but we think a taco shared is a taco enjoyed. Or something like that anyway.

That’s why we’re bringing a sharing taco that’s a little bit special straight to your taste buds. Inspired by rich Mexican flavours, we’ve slow-cooked succulent short rib of beef in a smoky red wine, paprika and honey glaze. Then, we bring it out to your table with a choice of pickled red onions, shredded lettuce and our delicious secret taco dust. YUM!

We then throw in six soft corn tacos into the mix, so round up your amigos ‘cause our build-your-own beef tacos are not just perfect-tasting, they’re perfect for starting the party. 

Interested? Well, our Beef Short Rib Taco special is extremely limited edition, so book your table ASAP and have your first taste of the perfect taco.

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