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RecipeHave you met our beautiful Mariposa?

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Posted on the 02 May 18

When we said our cocktail menu was loaded with drinks for adventurous spirits?

We weren’t kidding.

Now we think it’s about time we introduced you to a refined blend that’ll delight all your senses. Again and again and again.

Fruity. Lovingly sweet. And guaranteed to make your heart flutter… It’s our beautiful Mariposa.

With Koko Kanu coconut rum from the shores of Jamaica and Chambord black raspberry liqueur for an intensely sweet and sharp tang… We’ve shaken both with passion fruit, pineapple, cranberry and lemon.

The result? A rum punch with the flavours of Jamaica, and a name inspired by Mexican legend.

So what’s the story?

Spanish for ‘butterfly’, in Mexico mariposa doesn’t just refer to the individual bug, but the great migration of monarch butterflies that arrives from the cooler climes of North America into Mexico every winter.

Travelling between 80 to 120 miles every single day, the millions of butterflies that descend onto the north of the country are believed to be the spirits of the deceased. Thus, their arrival is crucial to Mexican culture – as it signifies the start of  Día de Los Muertos, or as we know it, the famous Day of the Dead festival.

For Mexicans, the mariposa are loved for the joy, memories and remembrance they inspire when they fly into town. And while our cocktail won’t exactly have to travel hundreds of miles to see you, we think you’re going to fall in love with the magical tastes of our beautiful Mariposa anyway. 

But don’t just take our word for it.

Make it yourself.   

How to make a Mariposa at home

This is one butterfly that packs a punch.


Boston tin
Tumbler glass

Mariposa ingredients

1 large measure Koko Kanu rum
1 standard measure cranberry juice
1 standard measure pineapple juice
½ measure black raspberry liqueur
½ measure passion fruit syrup
Dash of lemon juice

How to make a Mariposa

Supposedly, the mariposa migration can take almost two months to complete. But our Mariposa cocktail? Well, let’s just say it’s much quicker than that.

Simply grab your Boston tin, throw in some cubed ice and add ALL your ingredients one by one. Then, give your Boston tin a good shake and straight pour into your tumbler glass. Garnish with a mint sprig to really highlight that freshness, then add a paper butterfly to give this sweet punch its wings.

And that’s it! Wow your friends and get ready for a homemade creation you’ll never want to put down. Ever.


It really is an easy cocktail to make, but if you’d rather it was made by our expert Cantineros? We’ve got you covered.

This bank holiday weekend, we’re taking you on a journey to Jamaica. With no work on Monday, we’ll be turning up the heat on Sunday… ‘til it’s hotter than the Caribbean with 2-4-1 cocktails during Happy Hour plus 2-4-1 tapas ALL DAY long.

So for a taste of the island life, including our adventurous Mariposa, book your table right this second!

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