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FoodHere’s the secret! How to wrap the perfect burrito

Reading Time: 4 mins

Posted on the 08 January 19

Jerk chicken. Charred halloumi. Fillet steak. Even pork and pineapple…

Is there ANYTHING that doesn’t taste great when stuffed into a soft, floury tortilla wrap?

We. Think. Not.

In fact, whether it’s burritos, fajitas, enchiladas or chimichangas, you can’t beat a tasty tortilla packed to the brim with delicious fillings… But mouthwatering can quickly turn to heartbreaking – when all your delicious fillings fall out of your wrap. 

Are your sweet, succulent fillings falling out the sides? Is your plate literally covered in all your tasty fillings? Or are you taking a bite and simply not getting any fillings at all?

Well, fortunately for you, we’re pros when it comes to this sort of thing. Nobody wants to eat a burrito with a fork, so sit back and let us show you how to fold your homemade wrap perfectly, so that your delicious fillings can rest safely inside.

Until you eat them of course.

Step 1: Get your burrito ready for wrapping.

You’re going to overstuff it, aren’t you?

You might think you can just whip the tortilla out of the packet, throw on every last one of your fillings and then get folding but… No. Not quite.

Start by heating your tortilla in a hot, dry frying pan for about 10 seconds on each side to make it soft and pliable, as a cold or dried out tortilla is almost guaranteed to split. Next, add your rice or salad to the tortilla first as this will help absorb the flavours of all your other ingredients and most importantly, stop your wrap from becoming a soggy mess.

Now, when it comes to adding the rest of your fillings, (we suggest shredded chicken and guacamole!) we know it’s tempting to throw everything in, but try and leave an inch around the outside to make the folding easier.

Step 2: Bring in those sides…

Take the outside edges of your tortilla and gently fold the sides towards the centre, but not all the way. 

Step 3: Now let’s tackle that bottom. 

With the sides of your tortilla folded towards the centre, take the bottom of your burrito, pinch the corners together and do one tight fold until it covers half of your filling.

Step 4: Stop, drop and roll.

Now for the fun bit.

With the bottom folded in slightly, take your tortilla from the bottom and start rolling upwards. Ideally, you want this to be as tight as possible so your fillings are neatly packed in and you get the perfect mouthful of burrito goodness every single time.

Step 5: Shape it, baby! 

You’ve got the tortilla, you’ve got the fillings, and you’ve even got the perfect roll.

Now you need to just need to shape your wrap with your fingers, and make sure it’s properly folded at the sides so none of your fillings escape as soon as you pick it up. Which would be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. Easily.

Step 6: Make it Instagram worthy.

Obviously, this is completely optional but if you want to make your friends jealous of your new burrito folding techniques while also making your wrap a bit easier to eat…

Cut diagonally with a sharp knife and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy burrito in no time at all. Just look at that cross section!

Step 7: DIG IN! 

And there you have it! Whether stuffed to be the brim with sizzling marinated chicken and cheese, or filled with smoky shredded pork and cool sour cream, the burrito works for any meal, any time, any weather – and now you know how to wrap one yourself!

Just thinking about sinking our teeth through juicy meat, perfectly layered zesty rice, melted cheese, black beans and tortilla chips… We need to sit down.

Now, if you love tortilla-wrapped goods but would rather have them made by the pros while you sip down a delicious Mojito?

We completely understand.

And considering our burritos and wraps are seriously satisfying and packed to bursting point with Latin American flavours, what are you waiting for? Book your table and get your mouth around every last one ASAP.

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