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FoodFive Reasons to Brunch in Cuba

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Posted on the 21 December 23

Bottomless Brunch and Brunch Fiesta is one of your favourite ways to enjoy a taste of Latin-America, but in case you needed more convincing, here are five reasons why it’s always a good idea to take a trip to the tropics.


1. Your weekends can still be enjoyed

Gone are the days of resting on Sunday because Saturday was your big celebracion.


With our Bottomless Brunch and Brunch Fiesta you can still enjoy all the perks of seeing your favourite people, and be back in bed by 9pm; which means Sundays are still yours to do with as you wish.


OR even better…


You can still go to work fresh faced on the Monday after brunching with us all day Sunday. We won’t say anything if you don’t.



2. Golden Hour Photos

Let’s be honest, the best photos are taken at the start of the night but lucky for you even if you forget – Brunch is still the start of the night.


Whether you’re heading home or staying for the late night fiesta – you’ve still got the perfect lighting to help capture your memories.


Double Your Bar Tab


3. Quality time with your amigos.

Of all the reasons to book a brunch at Revolución de Cuba, this is ultimately what it’s all about.


You can sit, feast, sip and let the world pass you by as you catch up with your favourite people.


Our brunch bookings are 90 minutes, so whether you’re on a strict time limit or have all the time in the world nothing quite matches the joy of good company.



4. The Food

Our food is heavily inspired by Latin-American cuisine with a traditional brunch twist. The best bit is that we’ve also added some of our own takes that we know you’ll LOVE.


A delicious example is our Breakfast Quesadilla.


It’s a delicious feast made up of two toasted tortillas stuffed with streaky bacon, sour cream, pico de gallo, mozzarella, smoked cheddar, and Mexicana cheese. Plus, it’s served with Patatas Bravas.


Got your mouth watering? Check out the full menu by clicking here.



5. The Drinks

Our drinks menu has something for everyone.


From boozeless cocktails to alcoholic cocktails, draught beer and everything in between… aka Spritzers and Prosecco, you’re guaranteed to find your favourite tipple on our brunch menu.


Plus, on Bank Holidays and VERY special occasions (like Christmas!) we add a limited-edition cocktail.


To see the full range of drinks, click here.




Are you ready to enjoy brunch the Cuban way? Of course you are!


Head over to our brunch page to explore the options and secure your date.


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