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FoodTHESE are the best Caribbean foodies you should be following

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Posted on the 22 May 18

White sandy beaches. Lively culture. The very best weather.

Let’s be honest, a visit to the Caribbean isn’t exactly a hard-sell. This cluster of islands is a dream holiday destination. But what about the cuisine? 

Think of explosive flavours, fresh herbs, unique spices and fish caught on the very same day. That’s Caribbean food. A delightful fusion with European, African and even Middle Eastern influences, all combining to create a complete delight on the senses.

Want to taste what we’re talking about? Forget about booking flights, learn to set your taste buds ablaze with the fiery cuisine of the Caribbean… All from the comfort of home – by following these amazing foodies.

Fall in love with the flavours of Jamaica…

If, when you think of Jamaica, fiery dishes and mouth-watering delicacies are the first thing to come to mind, the Cook Like A Jamaican blog definitely won’t disappoint.

Let this mother and daughter duo take you through everything Jamaican cuisine has to offer from sweet cinnamon baked plantains to traditional curries and even the perfect jerk chicken recipe, which is guaranteed to transport you straight to the beating heart of the Caribbean…

If you can handle the heat.

Taste the heart and soul of Caribbean culture…

If you weren’t already planning on trying to make Caribbean food for yourself, the Caribbean Pot blog will have you on running to the kitchen in a matter of minutes thanks to recipes that show just how delectably diverse Caribbean cuisine can really be.

Get ready for some extreme food envy, as colourful snaps of island classics are littered with recipes of modern Caribbean delicacies like pomegranate roasted chicken and pina colada ice cream. And if you like stories of daily island life with your recipes? Well, this is definitely the blog for you.

Recreate every kind of authentic Caribbean delight

A pinch of this. A handful of that. It’s the Caribbean way of cooking, but the lack of measurements which make island cuisine so celebrated, also make it pretty tough to recreate.

And that’s where the blog Jehan Can Cook comes in. Full of authentic Caribbean recipes like momma used to make, this is a blog that’ll have you creating Latin favourites from the comfort of your home in no time at all. And if you need somewhere to start? Check out the oxtail stew with rice and peas or the delicious-looking pineapple beef for the perfect introduction to rich Caribbean flavours.

Treat yourself to some immaculate bites…

For a journey through Caribbean cuisine that includes divine treats such as an upside down pineapple cake, rum-flavoured ice cream and plantain pancakes, look no further than the Immaculate Bites blog.

Dedicated to using fresh ingredients and kitchen essentials to whip up creations that your sweet tooth is guaranteed to love, this is the kind of blog that will have you quitting your job so you can spend your days eating copious amounts of caramelised pineapple and rum-infused treats.

You have been warned.

Get a taste of Cuba with these delicious recipes…

We simply couldn’t list the best Caribbean foodies without mentioning a uniquely Cuban blog, could we?

So with recipes which include everyone’s favourite Cubano Sandwich, a traditional yuca con mojo and more takes on the paella than you can shake a king prawn at, The Hungry Cuban blog is definitely one of the best ways to create Cuba’s diverse cuisine for yourself.

And let’s be honest. We’d know.


Now, if you want to travel to those Havana streets without having loads of washing up?

Feed your wanderlust with our delicious food menu.

After travelling far and wide all over the Caribbean, talking to foodies across the continent, this is our most exotic menu yet. And while we could go on and on about the wonders of our food menu, it’s probably best you taste it for yourself. So tell us, are you ready to escape?

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