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Food, RecipeBecome a Guac Master with our Guac-At-Table

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Posted on the 16 October 23

Become an expert guacamole maker

We’ve all had guacamole before right? But have you had it made freshly at your table before? We didn’t think so!


Read more to discover our latest at-table experience.


At Revolución de Cuba, we pride ourselves on delivering you deliciously fresh food inspired by Latin-American cuisine. Whether it’s freshly rolled burritos, or perfectly cooked Paella de Cuba with all the toppings, we know how to make it so it’s full of flavour and our guacamole is no different.

Guacamole Origins

Before we get started, we think it’s important to know where guacamole comes from! 


The delicious dish can be traced back to the Aztec Empire around the 16th Century. Due to the climate of the area they were readily available and quickly became a favourite for the Aztecs. 


The Spanish community also adored the dish (can you blame them?!) and over the years they began to add their own ingredients from home such as onions, cilantro and of course, lime juice.


Due to the climate of Spain, growing this iconic green fruit (yes, it is a fruit) was incredibly difficult which meant it remained a traditional Mexican/Latin-American dish… Which is great news for us!

Make it fresh at your table

We are beyond excited to introduce our latest at-table experience.


Follow our expert Cocineros (that’s Spanish for Chef in case you were wondering) as they teach you how to make the perfect guacamole from scratch, from the comfort of your table using a traditional pestle and mortar tool called a molcajete (check it out in the photo below!).


Once you’ve made your fresh guacamole, it’ll be served to you with nachos for dipping.


Can’t wait until you visit us to learn? That’s okay – you can follow the steps listed below or watch the video of it being made here.



Halve the avocado and remove the stone before scooping the avocado flesh into the molcajete using a spoon. Remember to place the stone aside!



Cut the lime in half and using a Mexican elbow, squeeze the lime juice onto the avocados



Using the pestle, mash the avocados and lime juice together



Once the mixture is course, dice the red onion and mix into the avocados with the garlic puree, salt and cumin



De-seed and dice the plum tomato before adding to your mixture



Chop the coriander and then mix this in.



Serve alongside your tortilla chips for a truly authentic Latin-American experience.

Guacamole at table set up with ingredients


Experience in Bar

Are you ready to freshly make your own Guacamole whilst experiencing Guac-At-Table today? We bet you are.


Looking out for the avocado flyer on your menus next time you’re in bar! This will signify that Guac-At-Table is available.


Better yet, we recommend booking ahead of time so you can get excited before you’ve even arrived.


How much is it?

We’ve created this experience for smaller intimate groups, so if there is two of you – it’s just £7 and for four people it’s only £12.


It’s an amazing way to learn something new, but also to experience the fresh flavours of Cuba.


Book your experience today by clicking here


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