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Food5 amazing facts about guacamole

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Posted on the 19 March 15

Pop. Drop. And guac it like it’s hot.

Now, if there’s one dish that truly represents the flavours, vibrancy and traditions of South American cuisine… Well, it’s got to be guacamole, right?

First made by the Aztecs way back in 16th century Mexico, this humble avocado-based dip has grown to become a worldwide foodie phenomenon.

Want to know more? Here are 5 facts about guacamole that will really pique your appetite for the green stuff:

  1. On average, around 53 million pounds of guacamole are eaten in the USA every Super Bowl Sunday. That’s just ONE day!
  1. The word guacamole originates from the Aztec phrase ‘ahuaca-hulli’, which means ‘avocado sauce.’
  1. The Hass is the most common type of avocado, which originated from a single tree grown by Rudolph Hass in 1935. That tree is still alive and producing fruit.
  1. Despite its high calorie count, guacamole is actually very healthy, thanks to its high protein and potassium count.
  1. The best way to experience quality guacamole is to try it freshly made. That’s why we make our guac fresh every day, giving you a dip full of flavourful intensity and more than a hint of South American heat.

Fancy getting your fresh guacamole fix straight from our Cantina? Book a table today and be amazed by our zesty flavours!

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