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The real reason we fell in love with Cuba? This is a nation that needs no excuse. And so, when the time comes that there is reason to party, you really can’t beat a Cuban-style fiesta. Be it a birthday, work do or nationwide knees-up like Christmas or New Year’s Eve, this humble country can really turn up the heat. And now,  so can you – by planning your party with Revolución de Cuba.

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Cocktail masterclass

Many of our drinks have stories to tell. Taste them, learn how to make them and leave loving rum the way it should be loved. Whether that’s sipped neat, stirred with ice or mixed in a Mojito, make it like a Maestro and book a cocktail making party.

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It’s hard to believe, but Christmas was banned in Cuba from 1968 to 1997. Which means we’ve got 29 years of missed partying to make up for. Find a party venue and book a Cuban party for Christmas.

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New Year’s Eve

Not an average night out for not an average night out. New Year’s Eve is an excuse to party for an island that doesn’t need any excuses. Join us, as we’ll be making Havana proud – with a party venue that packs as much fiesta as Cuba itself.

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More parties


Live music, cocktails, sharing food and bespoke packages, let our party people and perfect party venues make your birthday a proper Cuban celebración.

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Hen parties

Girls just want to have rum. From Margaritas to Mojitos, take it from day to night with masterclass packages, food from our Cantina, cocktails and the finest fiesta vibes. Book a party night with extra Cuban style.


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Stag do

Face it, it’s going to be a big night. So party right with iconic and classic rum cocktails, live music, food and dancing ’til dawn. Send him off in style, without the long haul.

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