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This is not the tale of one person. Or one bar. Or one spirit.

It’s the story of a team of rum lovers, who knew that taking on this spirit meant capturing it. And that doing so would lead to a discovery of food, drink and the culture that makes up one of the world’s most exciting and intriguing places.

The island of Cuba.

A journey of rum would take them all over the world

To Africa and the Caribbean to North America and beyond. Learning, tasting, testing. Sharing stories, recipes and blends.

The most diverse spirit category in the world was overflowing with flavour profiles, manufacturing processes and tales of the people who created it. Handed down through generations and tumultuous histories.

It was intoxicating.

And it is where Revolución de Cuba began

Back in the North of England, a rum bar emerged that wasn’t like other bars. It wasn’t even like other rum bars. It started as an experiment.

Could the spirit of the island of Cuba really be brought to life in food, music, cocktails and the people over here? It felt like a beginning. A new way to party, a new expectation of what it meant to have a night out, to go for lunch, to celebrate every normal Tuesday for no reason at all.

Now we have 15 bars across the UK

And a team of rum ambassadors, committed to spreading the word of this complex spirit…

We stay true to the rums we sell and the histories behind them. And, like rum lovers for centuries before us, we continue to experiment, to play with the most diverse and mysterious category of them all.

And we invite you to explore it with us.