The Mojito, The Daiquiri and The Cuba Libre all originated in Cuba and, alongside some serious rums, this tiny island has been doing it right for years. Now we want to share the secrets with you and your friends, and make sure you have a damn good time doing it.

Our Cantineros will show you just how to make the perfect cocktail as well as the history behind each and every mix. And then the best bit - you get to try your creations.

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Masterclass Terms and Conditions: In order to book a Masterclass, there is a minimum number of people required per booking. This number differs per bar, so please check when making your booking.

Learn the art of Salsa

In Cuba, drinking and dancing go hand in hand. Now you and your friends can learn the rhythm of Havana when you add a salsa class to your Masterclass. And, most importantly of all, have a damn good time finding your dancing feet.

Your expert salsa teacher will have you shaking, twirling and shimmying across the dancefloor, no matter what your ability. Best of all, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience in the fun-filled surroundings of your own party. So forget about your inhibitions and transport yourself to the street parties of Havana!

Salsa classes can be added to Masterclass bookings between 12 & 2pm at a cost of £10 per person.

Experience deCuba

As Hemingway, one of Cuba’s most famous residents, said: “always do sober what you said you’d do drunk… but either way, make sure you share it on social media”. (We might have added the last bit). Use #revdecuba to see yourself in our Cuban gallery.

Our Cantineros
Our Cantineros

‘El Club de Cantineros de la Republica de Cuba’ (The Cuban Bartender’s Club) began in 1924 and only the very best Cantineros from across the island were selected and invited to join. The club was supported by Bacardi from the very beginning and celebrated excellence in the career of cocktail-making. This respect for the skill of bartending, and for the drinks themselves, meant that the bartenders of Cuba were known as “virtuous, elegant and the ultimate hosts”.

We strive to keep the legacy of the Cuban Bartender’s Club alive. Come and meet the de Cuban Cantineros, and find out just what we mean.