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It’s no secret that we adore rum. And if it’s an award-winning limited edition spirit, we just know it’s going to be true love. So, when we got our hands on a batch of the super-rare Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple rum we had to give it the Rum Club treatment.

Inspired by the favoured drink of a character in Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers, Stiggins’ Fancy is a complex rum with hints of pineapple and a smoky finish.

And the pineapples used in Stiggins’ Fancy aren’t just the usual fruit. These are Queen Victoria pineapples, a small sweet variety with deliciously aromatic skin. They’re only in season at select points during the year, meaning that the resulting rum is always in extremely limited supply.

Tasting Notes

A rich and full bouquet, accented by smoky notes and aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus peel and a touch of clove. The palate opens with a sensation of ripe banana, pineapple and spices layered in a complex smoky finish.

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caught in the rain

If you like Piña Coladas, then you’ll love this new take on the classic. Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple and Koko Kanu rums shaken with pineapple juice and lime.

fancy old fashioned

Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple rum stirred with Angostura bitters and caramel syrup. It’s a tropical twist on a timeless recipe


Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple and Gosling’s Black Seal rums with pineapple and lemon juices, honey syrup, grapefruit bitters and a dash of cinnamon spice. This tiki is on fire!

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