Your favourite Cuban dish says a LOT about you

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We think you can tell a lot about a person by their favourite dish, especially if that dish is bursting with Latin flavours.

To prove it, here’s a round-up of your favourite Cuban dishes and what they say about your personality! Trust us on this one, we’ve definitely got a dish for you!  

Beef Fillet Skewer

You’re classy, extravagant and firmly on the right side of flamboyant. You can’t help but appreciate the finer things in life, and when it comes to our tender slices of beef fillet, it’s safe to say you’ve got no problem digging in and enjoying the true taste of luxury.


If the combination of rice and beans makes your heart skip a beat, then you’re probably about as fun as it gets.

You don’t care about refinement, or subtlety, or even using a knife and fork. You just want things that’ll make you happy, and the best part? You’re not afraid to get a little messy for the sake of delicious food. We love that.

BBQ Glazed Chicken

You’re satisfied with the simple pleasures in life and home comforts are most definitely your thing.

Our tender roast chicken, glazed in our homemade Cuban BBQ sauce, is exactly what you’re after. After all, when you’re with your best friends, all you want is a relaxed evening with food. You enjoy eats that are easy on your taste buds and perfect for warming your heart. Oh, and it has to be served with fries. Obviously.

Lime & Chilli King Prawns

We’re just gonna come straight out and say it... You’re bold. You love nothing more than actively searching out the most distinctive flavour combinations to match your big personality.

With your daredevil attitude, you simply can’t get enough of our seared-shell on king prawns, pepped up with lime and chilli marinade. Perfect for anybody who lives for the weekend.

Iberico Ham Croquetas

You’re not a tourist, you’re a traveller. You savour the opportunity to experience different cultures, learn new languages and seek out the hidden gems your destination has to offer. Most importantly, you wouldn’t be caught dead on an open-top bus.

You probably identify most with the Spanish culture, so there’s no surprise your favourite dish, Iberico ham and béchamel sauce croquetas, exemplifies the culture perfectly.

Pork Belly Skewers

The only thing you like better than hanging out with your friends? Sharing tapas with them.

When you order our Pork Belly Skewers, you’re not surprised to find yourself surrounded by friends in a matter of minutes. Roasted in our signature spicy rum sauce, this is a dish that’s definitely going to give you an excuse to celebrate.

You’re the life of the party, and with this dish, boy do you know it.


So, which delicious dish are you?

Don’t worry if your favourite isn’t here, you can browse through the rest of our menu to find your perfect match.

Or, book a table online, and sample your way through, until you come across your spirit, er, dish!

So why not join us for lunch, dinner or just a few tasty tapas dishes as a treat? With so much on offer, who knows what you’ll discover about yourself!