They’re here! How our Carnivál Originales are the ultimate fiesta cocktails

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When you think about it, a carnival is a beautiful thing.

It’s a crazy occasion. An entire community comes together to hang up their work clothes, lose their inhibitions and ultimately throw the best night (or day!) imaginable. And you know us, we love a good reason to party, so there’s no surprise we’re completely in love with carnivals.

To prove it, we’ve created a new range of Carnivál Originales cocktails that are inspired by the world’s most iconic events. In fact, they’re so full of carnival spirit you’re SURE to wanna hit the dancefloor... Or head out for a sunshine celebración!

Here’s all you need to know about our new entries.

Carnivál Cooler

When you think of the Rio Carnival, you probably think of glittering costumes, an explosion of colour, and, of course, non-stop samba dancing.

It’s by far the biggest street celebration in the world, hosting over 2 million revellers every single day. And we think the ultimate carnival deserves the ultimate good-time cocktail... Presenting, our Carnivál Cooler!

Starring Velho Barreiro Silver cachaça, the most popular spirit in Brazil, this is a cocktail that really captures the flavour of Rio’s legendary Carnaval. The tangy cachaça is blended with Koko Kanu rum, exotic coconut, vanilla and fresh pineapple, to create a tropical taste of the true samba spirit. Take it from us, if you like to party – this cocktail is not to be missed.

Mexican Firecracker

Cinco de Mayo actually started as a day of commemoration for the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over France back in the 1860s. Since then, it has evolved into a day for anybody and everybody to get into the Mexican spirit and throw parties of huge proportions, celebrating the culture and heritage of this passionate nation.

Huge proportions? You just know we’re going to get involved with THAT, which is where our Mexican Firecracker comes in.

To pay tribute to the festival of Cinco de Mayo, we’ve created a blend as delicious as it is deadly. Not only is this cocktail served in a cool Mexican sugar skull, it also features a healthy amount of Mexico’s favourite export, tequila. It may have a lot to answer for, but the blend of Don Julio tequila shaken with pineapple, vanilla and lime, is about as good as it gets. Arriba!

Bourbon St Hurricane

The term ‘Mardi Gras’ loosely translates to ‘Fat Tuesday’. What a name – it’s a perfect reflection of the celebration of excess that this carnival represents.

It may be known as an event filled with bright crowds, colourful revelry and er, beads, but Mardi Gras is actually a cocktail lover’s dream... Thanks to New Orleans’ incredible output of cocktail inventions!

As well as the Mimosa and the Sazerac, the French Quarter of New Orleans also created the Hurricane, one of the most popular cocktails you’ll ever come across.

Despite the Hurricane being a straight-up classic, we just can’t help having a little tinker. Especially when the result of our meddling is such a decadent taste, with an exotic, fruity twist. We’ve swapped rum for Bulleit Bourbon, and blended Teichenné Peach schnapps, coconut, passion fruit, lime and orange. The result? A cocktail that’ll take you straight to the main strip of New Orleans... Bourbon Street!

Old Jamai-can

As if the streets of London didn’t already have enough character and charm, for one weekend in August they are filled with the sound of steel drums, extravagant floats and the best Caribbean party feels... All for Notting Hill Carnival.

As Europe’s biggest street festival, it’s safe to say that Notting Hill knows just how to celebrate London’s multicultural past and present, and do it well. With over 25,000 bottles of rum emptied over the two-day carnival, it’s a wild weekend guaranteed!

With that in mind, our Old Jamai-can will certainly fit right in with all the festivities. The delicious duo of Wray & Nephew and Appleton Estate Signature Blend rums will make sure of that, combined with the tropical flavours of mango, lime and ginger beer.

It’s even served in your very own miniature steel drum, a can of authentic Old Jamaica, so you’re sure to feel the Caribbean vibes with every sip.  



Over the course of this year, we’re bringing all four of these carnivals straight to Revolución de Cuba! That’s right, starting this bank holiday weekend with the Rio Carnival, where we’ll be turning up the heat with the sounds of samba.

Ready for Rio? It’s not too late to book a table and enjoy a taste of Copacabana, or, check out our cocktail menu to really put yourself in the mood for a samba.