Spice up December’s dinners with a sprinkle of chilli

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Spicy food can be a little bit scary.

We get it. We’ve all had that one experience of eating something so spicy you never want to go near a chilli again.

But we’re asking you to do yourself a favour and give it another try, especially during these winter months when a little extra heat is exactly what your soul is looking for.

Here are a few delicious chilli-infused recipes to spice up your winter.

Huevos Rancheros


Sure, you could wake up and whip yourself up a quick batch of scrambled eggs. But why would you want to subject your taste buds to something so bland, especially when Huevos Rancheros exist? This Mexican breakfast classic is a nutritious start to any day, and its spicy chilli kick is especially appreciated during those cold winter mornings.

Recipe here.

Spicy Ma Po Tofu


We know what you’re thinking. Tofu? Really? That bland brick of bean curd is meant to comfort me on a winter’s evening?

Bare with us. Tofu is like a blank canvas of nutrition. Sure, if you eat it without adequate preparation, it can taste as bland as food comes. But when you’ve soaked it in all manner of delicious ingredients, it’s a different story altogether. In this recipe, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and chilli bean paste turn tofu into a fiery masterpiece of flavour that you’ve just GOT to try.

Recipe here.

Chilli Cheese Toastie


In Mumbai, Chilli Cheese Toast is a very popular street snack, and for very good reason – it’s as indulgently delicious as it is spicy! It’s a little different from the cheese on toast you might be used to here, so we found you an ultra-authentic recipe to make sure you get a real taste of India’s spicy spin on everyone’s favourite comfort snack.

Recipe here.

Spicy Sriracha Noodle Soup


A heart-warming bowl of ramen noodle soup using everyone’s favourite garlic & chilli hot sauce in under 20 minutes, you say? You can count us in. When the cold strikes, you won’t even need a fire to huddle around when you’ve got a bowl of this in front of you.

Recipe here.

Chilli and Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Wedges


Sweet potato wedges are a culinary godsend. They’re a healthier alternative to chips which some might say have even more flavour to offer. So how do you make them ideal for winter? Roast some up with a chilli and brown sugar infusion and enjoy the added heat.

Recipe here.

You know what makes comfort food even more comforting?

When you don’t have to go through all the effort of cooking it up yourself.

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Go on. Join us and enter a world of heat in the middle of winter.