Dishes and drinks that’ll change how you think about Christmas dining

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We’ve all done the dry turkey, soggy stuffing and mouldy mulled wine thing way too many times. 

So frankly, we think it’s high time that festive food and drink were given a Caribbean makeover. Introducing just a few shining stars of our Christmas food and cocktail menus, we’re delivering dishes and drinks that bring some Caribbean flair to the drab British winter. 


If you want a warming, flavour explosion of a festive tapas dish, look no further than our juicy Albondigas. Made with smoky chorizo, beef and pork, these delicious meatballs are served in a rich tomato sauce, and taste perfect served with our crusty sourdough bread. NOM.

Cajun cream mushrooms

Forget the cook-from-frozen breaded mushrooms this Christmas, because it’s time your taste buds experienced these cajun creamy bad boys. Sauteed in garlic and served up with a fancy kale drizzle, these mushrooms are the tapas dish of dreams.

Marshmallow mojito

Santa’s beard and snowballs aren’t the only things that get to be white and fluffy this Christmas. We’ve mixed Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, créme de banane, chocolate bitters, coconut and lime to create a Christmas concoction that’s creamy, sweet and oh ho, ho so seasonal. Yum!

Serrano ham bruschetta

This year, ham hock is out, and cured meats are well and truly in here at Revolución de Cuba. Topped with fresh mozzarella, sweet figs, sticky honey and fragrant basil, this is a true superstar starter. Don’t miss out.

Gingerbread Bellini

Say ‘bah humbug’ to boring Bellini flavours. Who needs peach, when you can have the perfect blend of biscuity spices instead? This one’s not to be missed if you like a bit of festive fizz.

Posh veggie enchilada

Yes, the Caribbean sure knows how to cook up an amazing meat dish. But did we mention they have festive vegetarian food on lock-down too? Not only does this crazy-good meal have loads of vegetables, but it’s all served up alongside our all-time favourites including black beans, avocado and cheese sauce. Hollaaa.

Swordfish steak

We’re bucking the smoked salmon trend this Christmas, with a new Caribbean-inspired take on festive seafood. Served up with creamy sweet potato and cauliflower gratin, and drizzled in spicy tomato sauce, this swordfish steak is the true daddy of all fish dishes.

Festive Spiced Daiquiri

The only way to drink a Daiquiri in December. Indulge in our blend of the essentials – that’s rum, lime and sugar – with our super tasty, top secret recipe for seasonal spiced pumpkin. Another Cuban classic that we couldn’t resist giving the Christmas treatment!

Margarita fruit salad

Tropical fruit. Crème fraîche. Lime. And TEQUILA. Enough said.

This year, ditch the pigs in blankets and dump the (eugh) eggnog. Rethink your festive food and drink by checking out our Caribbean-style Christmas parties. ¡Feliz Navidad!