Cuban-inspired ways to warm up this winter

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If there’s one thing that rings true about the people of Cuba, it’s that they don’t let the cold get to them.

Granted, the coldest it tends to get on the Caribbean’s largest island is a toasty 21°C, but still. This is a nation renowned for feeling the heat, so we’re taking inspiration from its tropical lifestyle with these Cuban-inspired ways to warm up this winter.

Grab your bat for a game of baseball

Grab your bat for a game of baseball?

Baseball is by far the most popular sport in Cuba. It was first introduced to Havana by American dockworkers in the 19th century, and since then Cuba has risen up the ranks internationally. Its peloteros, or baseball players, are some of the very best in the world – you’d probably never beat them but it’d certainly warm you up trying.

Learn to salsa... or try ballet!

Try ballet!

Cuba is renowned for its music and many different styles of dance, especially the sizzling salsa – guaranteed to get you hot, hot, hot! But surprisingly, ballet is also hugely popular; so much so that Cuban ballerinas are at the height of stardom often earning more money than doctors. Whichever style you choose, dancing is a fun, and often free, way to warm yourself up when you’re feelin’ chilly, particularly if you come down and do it with us!


Snuggle up with a good book...

Snuggle up with a good book!

Did you know that Cuba holds one of the highest literacy rates in the world? With a rate of 99.8%, the Cubans score higher than the UK, America and Australia. And the bookish brilliance doesn’t stop there – Ernest Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and the Sea,” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” while living in Cuba. If baseball and ballet aren’t your thing, then grab yourself a cool new book, a blanket and get cosy…


... Or try a South Korean soap

Try a South Korean soap!

And we’re not talking about your average bar of Dove. Cubans happen to love their terrible TV, with South Korean soap operas being particularly popular. Ditch the Netflix and check out a drama-filled saga from East Asia. You might be pleasantly surprised, and it sure is a great excuse to stay in, safe from the cold. You’re being cultural, after all!


Dove breeding?

Dove breeding!

Now we are talking doves, but the ones that flap, not foam. Oddly enough, dove and pigeon breeding is popular hobby in Havana, either for fun or to earn some cash. It’s said that one can walk through the neighbourhoods of the capital, only to see all the locals looking up toward the sky… Checking out the competition! If you fancy running around chasing pigeons, that’d sure warm you when it’s nippy out!


Meet up with your mates and mataperreáis

Hanging out with your mates!

Directly translated, this unfortunate phrases means ‘to kill off’. Thankfully, in Cuba, it means something completely different; to hang out with your friends in the streets. Cuban children spend almost all of their free time playing outside with friends – of both the flying and non-feathered varieties. While it’s probably too cold to do that here, there’s nothing stopping you from organising a night at your nearest Revolución de Cuba, and hanging out right here.


Sampling our sumptuous Cuban-inspired menu is another sure-fire way to warm yourself up this winter. With a boat-load of hearty eats to warm your belly, you’ll be roasty toasty in no time when you visit our cantina.

We’ve also got a brand new drinks menu, packed with the tropical tastes of south-equatorial sunshine. Take a sip and surrender to our summery feels – and forget about the weather outside!