7 top-selling tropical holidays to book on a budget

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Dreaming about a holiday in paradise?

Many people are put off by the extortionate prices, but do your research and you don’t need to fork out a small fortune. If you avoid the cliché of pricey resorts or isolated boutique getaways, you can easily travel to the Caribbean without breaking the bank.

For everyone who wants to enjoy the same beautiful beaches and warm, blue waters as the big spenders, but on a smaller budget (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) we’ve put together a list of the most affordable tropical destinations. Here’s where to head for a sunshine island frolic, without the financial hangover.

Havana, Cuba


Well, where else would we start? Cuba is actually renowned for being the ultimate budget Caribbean destination; Havana is dirt-cheap and there are endless possibilities for adventure. Explore the labyrinth of streets lined with crumbling colonial and art deco gems, whilst soaking up the pulsing nightlife. Top tip? The more you live like a local, the less you’ll spend.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay

Because of its popularity, flights and package holidays to Jamaica are among some of the cheapest you can get. Montego Bay, with its massive pre-paid hotels, is a solid choice for all-inclusive travellers who can’t be bothered with the budgeting of spending money.

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Because it’s an expensive hobby, divers love a bargain. For this crowd, budget-friendly Bonaire is a true reef-ringed paradise, where you can find great deals on rental gear or lessons. Even if you don’t dive, it’s still great as there’s plenty of cheap, simple accommodation.

Cancun, Mexico


For glorious white beaches and a world-class pumpin’ party, look no further than Cancun. Again, thanks to its popularity, affordable all-inclusive deals are everywhere – which gives you all the more holiday spends to splash on the vibrant nightlife.

San Nicolas, Aruba  

San Nicolas

Sure, Aruba is renowned for high-end hotels, casinos, and chic shopping. But if you venture away from the ritzy, glitzy western side, hotels are more affordable as you head down to the south of the island. There you’ll find pink-sanded beaches dotted by pink-feathered flamingos. Fabulous for a fun (and free!) stroll along the coastline; ideal for relaxing without any credit-card maxing.

Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Port Elizabeth

Bequia isn’t big but it’s clever. The star of a string of islands called the Grenadines, Bequia has lots of affordable guesthouses and cute apartments around the main town of Port Elizabeth. Many are on the hillsides and have sweeping views that you’d normally pay for fortune for.

San Juan, Puerto Rico


For our American cousins, Puerto Rico has long since been a cheap and cheerful holiday destination. Now, for us, if you can bag affordable flights to Florida, you’re sorted. Transfers are low-cost and quick, and when you arrive, eating out and accommodation is fabulously thrifty.


From Cuba to Cancun, you can still enjoy exotic escapes even when you’re strapped for cash. If you’re scrimping and saving in the hope of hitting your dream tropical destination, don’t forget our 40% off offer for a little extra help.