5 food and cocktail pairings you can’t go wrong with

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When it comes to pairing your food with drinks, it’s safe to say that wine kind of rules the roost.

Most of us know that red wine goes with meat and white wine with fish. But the real question is, why should wine have all the food pairing fun?

By combining your dishes with cocktails, you open an exciting world of flavour that wine simply can’t compete with. And when paired correctly, a cocktail can elevate an already-tasty dish to a whole new level.

To prove it, here are some totally irresistible dishes and the delicious cocktails that compliment them! So, forget fruity whites and full-bodied reds, and get ready to fall in love with these perfect culinary marriages... Each one is a match made in foodie heaven! 

Mojito Prawns and our Classic Mojito

Cuba Libre - Classic rum-based cocktails

The Mojito may look light and refreshing (and it really is!), but this classic cocktail also packs a mint-based punch that needs fresh, yet strong-flavoured food to balance it out.

And that’s where our crunchy Mojito Prawns come in.

Their bold flavours make a perfect partner for our Classic Mojito, as they’re delicately fried in our original minty Mojito batter. This unique taste helps to marry the subtle sweetness of the succulent prawns to the lightly sugared cocktail. And the result? A truly mouthwatering combo.

Beef Fillet Skewer and our Portobello Road Gin & Tonic

If you can’t get enough of the BIG, bold, and oh-so-indulgent flavours of our Beef Fillet Skewer, you really need your accompanying cocktail to cut through those rich tastes.

Our Portobello Road Gin & Tonic not only has the necessary strength, but its inherent dryness means that the juicy slices of beef fillet almost create a taste ‘explosion’ with every bite you take. It’s a pretty amazing dining experience, believe us!

All we can say is, good luck trying to pick a star of the show with this satisfying pair of flavours! 

Smokestack Burger and our Cannon Fodder

Cannon Fodder

You might think that the only possible pairing for a burger would be an ice-cold beer but get ready to have a rethink.

Our Smokestack Burger, topped with jalapeños, spicy rum sauce, Manchego cheese, and slow-cooked shredded pork, absolutely NEEDS to be paired with our decadent Cannon Fodder.

Thanks to a generous helping of Wood’s Old Navy Rum and Aspall Cyder, the Cannon Fodder is a unique, smokey burst of sweetness ‘n’ warmth. And when enjoyed with our Smokestack Burger, it’s perfectly counteracted by the saltiness of the pork and Manchego cheese, or in other words, a total taste sensation.

A Burrito and our Old School Mai Tai


Notorious for packing a punch, our blend of – beautifully balanced, by the way – Mount Gay Black Barrel and Eclipse rums, makes our Old School Mai Tai just a lil’ bit stronger than your tiki cocktail.

In fact, indulging in too many Mai Tais could leave your head pounding like it’s being pummeled by the force of 10,000 teeny-tiny umbrellas, if you’re not careful.

That’s why our Old School Mai Tai is perfect when paired with something that’s gonna fill you up, like our packed-to-bursting-point Burritos.

And the best bit? These folded bundles of flavour will counterbalance the sinfully strong and delightfully sweet overtones of the Mai Tai, making them the ideal accompaniment!

Nachos del Sol and our Classic Margarita

We’re not sure we even have to tell you, but this right here is the quintessential food and cocktail pairing.

As well as the obvious thematic reasons (Mexican flavours stick together!), each ingredient manages to bounce off each other beautifully.

Both pack a satisfying hit of saltiness, and the earthy flavours of the guacamole stand up to the tartness of the tequila. Plus, the lime acts as the perfect hint of citrus, to foil the spicy nachos. It’s true – you really can’t go wrong with our Classic Margarita and our Nachos del Sol.


Doesn’t all this talk of ideal food and cocktail pairings make you dizzy with decadent thoughts of intoxicating flavours?

Yeah, us too actually.

So choose your favourite combo, book a table and let us make these thoughts a reality. And with our stunning Cantina menu and extensive selection of handcrafted cocktails, you’re guaranteed to find your ultimate dream duo!