5 famous weegies you wouldn’t even know were Scottish

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Glasgow is a marvellous city.

A city steeped in culture, heritage and history that stretches far beyond The Campsie Fells. It’s given us fridges and flushing toilets (both of which were invented here), along with Alexander Graham Bell and his most famous invention, the telephone. It’s even home to the glorious Tunnock’s Teacake... Not to mention those lovely little caramel wafers.

But did you know ol’ Glesga, as it’s affectionately known by locals, has also gifted us a number of world-famous superstar celebrities too? The list is as long as the credits of Braveheart, but we’ve picked 5 of the most surprising ‘weegies’ that you’d never ever know were Scottish.

1. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler, from Paisley

So first up, we have a rather obvious one. Most of us already knew Gerard Butler was Scottish, but you can be forgiven for feeling confused thanks to his convincing American accent. Better yet, when he’s not mimicking Mel Gibson, you’ll find him on those posh men’s’ aftershave ads, practising his very best Received Pronunciation.

He is an actor after all, so we’ll let him off for his questionable Queen’s English... But not without telling you that this particular vocal-chameleon actually comes from Paisley.

2. Angus and Malcolm Young from AC/DC

Half of ACDC are from Glasgow!

You’re getting 2-4-1 here (is it Happy Hour already?) as the next entries on our list of surprising Scots are the two founding members of AC/DC. Yes, the renowned rock’n’rollers are best known for their Aussie twang, but the brothers were actually born right here in Glasgow. The pair moved to Sydney back in ‘63, picked up their guitars and pursued their musical dream. And the rest? Well, that’s a Touch Too Much to go into right now, so let’s just say it’s history.

3. Neve Campbell

Yes, Neve Campbell is Scottish!

This one’s shocking enough to make you Scream... Hollywood actress Neve Campbell, who’s celebrated for practically single-handedly reviving horror movies in the 90’s, actually hails from Glasgow. In fact, her very first acting job was in a Scottish panto – and her first ever line in her debut film was spoken in a Scottish accent. She says “Ma Granny says a’mas cute as a wee cheeky birdie”. Very cute Ms. Campbell!

4. Keira Knightley

Can you believe it, Keira Knightley?!

As Keira Knightley is actually half-Scottish – on her mother’s (or should that be maw’s?) side – we’re only really half cheating with this one. Shame to say she doesn’t seem to get back much, although she was spotted in Glasgow at her brother’s wedding back in 2011. Probably all that time playing pirates in the Caribbean, and as that movie featured a lot of rum (and Johnny Depp!), we’ll give her a bit of a break. She’s probably very busy.

5. Gordon Ramsay

Ol' craggy Ramsay is from Glasgow too!

“What?!” We hear you cry... It’s ok, we were surprised too. Vaguely-known-as-Scottish chef Gordon is ultimately hard to pin down as Glaswegian, again, for his total lack of any discernible accent. Fortunately however, when pressed, the craggy Hell’s Kitchen star comes across proud of his Glasgow heritage. He’s even boasted about playing for Glasgow’s Rangers in the past – but we’re pretty sure that’s a porkie, Chef.


The list of not-so-well-known weegies goes on... Can you name any? It sure makes this city great for celeb-spotting, and we’ve already spied a few famous faces as we prep for our grand opening very soon...


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